10 curiosities about your body that will surprise you: Discover them!

In our space, we talk about how to take care of your health, how to apply in your day to day simple remedies to promote your well-being and enhance your beauty. We love being able to help you and teach you new things in every moment so, how about if we fix our attention today In our body ?

This perfect machine to keep fit and care is still, at times, a mystery. Your body is unique and special, there is no doubt, but we all share Curious secrets That today we want to reveal you. Ready?

1. Our digestions


On average, the food we eat passes first 3 to 6 hours in our stomach . In its interior, can fit up to 2 liters of food, which is why many people take so much time In feeling sated. Now, you will be surprised to know, above all, that part of the food we eat can pass in our large intestine between 8 and 20 hours. The reason? There are people who suffer from slow intestinal transit, which, the process of digestion, synthesis and evacuation can be extremely slow.

2. How much can we live without food or water?

You may have asked yourself some time. What can be worse? Being without drinking or being without food? Surely you can already guess that the human body resists better lack of food than lack of fluids. That is why you should never neglect to be well hydrated, since the consequences can be really serious.

For your information we will tell you that the human body can pass, on average and depending on our previous health, 7 days without food. Now without water or without liquids we could hardly live more than two or three days. The moment the liquid stops reaching our organs, health problems begin to appear.

3. The mystery of our skin


A really curious fact about our body. Do you know how much dead skin we can generate throughout our lives? About 15 kilos! Far from producing repulsion, we must see it as something healthy, since the exfoliation and elimination of all those inert pellets is basic to regenerate our skin and To look much prettier.

4. Why do our fingers wrinkle when we are in the water for a long time?

It is the classic question that children always ask us. When we spend a lot of time in the tub or in a pool, we immediately see how our fingers or even the plants of the feet , They look like those classic wrinkles. This phenomenon is actually An attribute inherited from our ancestors.

The fact that our fingers were wrinkled allowed our ancestors to be able to catch smaller seeds or plants more easily on aquatic surfaces. Improves grip. If you want, do the test: try to get some marbles in the bottom of a bathtub before having your fingers wrinkled and then. Obviously, this is not particularly useful to us today.

5. Curious things about our language


Our language is unique; No two are alike It measures on average about 10 cm, but its shape, striations and lines are unique and unrepeatable as are, for example, our fingerprints. Want to know one more curiosity? At birth, we come to the world with millions of taste buds but, over the years, we lose them . So, those first flavors that you experienced in your childhood were, without a doubt, unique and unrepeatable.

6. The world of our babies

Did you know that a baby comes into the world with About 300 bones ? There are so many! However, over time, these bones are coming together to stay in 206, which are the ones we have adults.

Another curiosity about babies. If there is something that always relaxes you is the sound of heart . When 9 months pass in the maternal uterus, this sound usually accompanies them in each moment, in each moment of its growth. So if you see that one night your baby can not sleep, sit with him and lay his head on your chest to hear your heartbeat.

7. The growth of our hair


In our space we often talk about the importance of getting adequate rest at night. It is that moment in which our lymphatic system performs its purification tasks and, in addition, it is when the growth hormone is secreted in the case of the children. Obviously, if you are already an adult, your height will not change, but what will grow is your hair Between 2 and 3 mm per week.

8. We produce about 3 grams of antibodies a day

A really curious fact about our body! He immune system Is able to produce about 3 grams of antibodies daily to protect us from microorganisms, viruses and bacteria. If it were not for them, we would get sick almost every moment.

9. Do you often blush?

to blush

If you are one of those people who usually blush and show an attractive pink color on their cheeks, you should know that, at that very moment, the mucosa of your stomach also does. It is worth remembering this famous theory that "The stomach is our second brain", Where many of our emotions are also concentrated.

10. Our navel Source of bacteria!

Did you know that in our belly button Is a real ecosystem of bacteria stored? Remember to keep it clean and do not forget that attractive area around our waist.

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