10 curious ways to recycle cardboard tubes

The ideas to recycle cardboard tubes are useful to give another opportunity to those materials that are left when the toilet paper, kitchen towels and many other items commonly used in the home are finished.

Although initially considered junk, in reality they are resistant objects that can be transformed into curious crafts. In fact, thanks to its many sizes and shapes, they are ideal for making decorative items without spending large sums of money.

Are you interested in learning to reuse them at home? There are many simple projects that you can even do in the company of your children . Here we share the 10 most interesting so do not hesitate to develop them. Let's do it!

The best ideas for recycling cardboard tubes

To recycle cardboard tubes that accumulate in the home you just need a little ingenuity and time. Although it is a lightweight material, It is durable when it is given adequate treatment. In addition, it is manageable and can be molded in many ways. Seize it!

1. Lamp

To make this beautiful craft with cardboard tubes you only need to make small cuts in the material. Then, you insert the lamp socket and put an LED bulb. Finally, if you wish, you can paint it or decorate it on the outside.

2. Multi-purpose organizer

There are many ideas to recycle cardboard tubes in organizers for elements of the office or dressmaking Ideally, collect tubes of various sizes so you can have several compartments. After decorating and joining them on a single surface, you just have to fill them with small items: pencils, buttons, jewelry, etc.

3. Vase

The remaining tubes of kitchen towels or containers of potatoes Pringles They are perfect for making vases with different designs. The exterior can be covered with many materials, such as stones, shells, printed paper or fabrics. Everything goes by your creativity.

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4. Vegetable garden

Thinking of creating an aromatic herb garden? Do not buy pots! You can recycle cardboard tubes toilet paper to separate the seedlings or make a"multiple pot". It is very simple and goes very well for your garden or terrace.

5. Coffee table

Rolls of thick cardboard, such as those coming from textiles, can be reused in larger pieces of furniture. For example, joining several on a single base you get a nice coffee table for the interior or the terrace. The only thing you should invest in is the surface glass.

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6. Decorative shelving

The cardboard cylinders that no longer have any use can be recycled in a decorative shelf to give order to many home objects . To carry out this project You will have to cut them in various sizes with a cutter and then decorate them.

7. Toys for children

Crafts are recommended as a resource to stimulate children's creativity and motor skills. Because, If you want to start them in this practice you can take advantage of the ideas to recycle cardboard tubes as toys. They are easy and also teaches them to take care of the environment.

8. Gift packaging

Are you having a birthday party in a little while? Do you like to be a retailer on special dates? You will no longer have to buy packaging to give gifts. If you gather some rolls of cardboard and containers of chips You will have the opportunity to make ecological boxes with style.

9. Pencil holder

Another way to recycle cardboard tubes in the company of children is making pencil holders of various sizes and designs. Due to its various forms, and the ease to decorate them, They help to entertain children in a productive way. In addition, they are ideal for ordering pencils and markers that are usually thrown everywhere.

10. Cable separator

At present almost all have accumulated a large amount of cables from electronic devices. Nevertheless, very few worry about giving them order so that they are kept in good condition when they are not used. What can you do? If you are one of those who have cables thrown anywhere, make an organizer with recycled tubes.

All you need is an old cardboard or wooden box and several tubes of toilet paper. Then, you just have to introduce the rolls in the box, in such a way that several compartments remain. Finally, carefully wrap the cables and store them.

Ready to start recycling cardboard tubes? As you can see, it is a material to which you can give many other uses before throwing it away. It's very easy!

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