10 customs that have happy couples

It is said that couples are happy when they manage to maintain the essence, love and good customs despite going through difficulties. Relationships are never easy and require more than love to be something lasting or lifelong.

While there is no magic formula to keep happiness in the couple, Mark Goulston, psychiatrist, consultant and international speaker, revealed for the scientific magazine Psychology Today, the 10 good habits that have the Happy couples And that in one way or another help to strengthen the sentimental ties between both.

Go to bed at the same time

When the relationship is beginning, it is very normal for both of you to feel anxiety about going to bed together and sharing that special moment. Keeping this habit despite the passing of the years is one of the secrets to strengthening the relationship and maintaining happiness.

Goulston suggests that the dialogue and friction of the skin that occurs when both go together to the bed Contributes to improve communication as a couple And not lose the sexual desire.

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Cultivate common interests

As the couple learns about each other, they realize that Perhaps they have few interests in common . This does not mean that they can not be made for each other; On the contrary, Can be the opportunity to start doing activities together and get out of the rut .

Of course, for the relationship Do not become somewhat dependent on the two, It is very important to respect the spaces and to preserve those activities that each one does for its own account.

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Walk hand in hand

Although many times it is not taken into account, through the hands you can establish a unique connection with the other person. The contact of the hands produces pleasurable sensations that Help preserve the happiness and essence of couples .

Goulston's recommendation is Always go hand in hand, instead of one of the two falling behind Because he walks more slowly or stops to look at something.


Trust and forgive

The union of the couples can be affected by the disagreements, the arguments, the fights, the misunderstandings, the annoyances and all those Things that momentarily seem to have no solution .

In order not to let this affect the happiness from both, It is very important to learn to dialogue and control negative feelings Before throwing offensive words or doing something that you really do not want.

The general recommendation is Do not wear yourself out and learn to forgive and trust each other . These two ingredients are the foundation of lasting relationships.

Focus on the qualities of the couple

Highlighting the couple's flaws is not at all healthy and all it does is destroy the relationship.

It is very important to emphasize the qualities of the couple and try to highlight them as often as possible. When looking for only the good things, the relationship is filled with positive energies And keeps fighting away.

Hugging when rediscovered

The power of Hugs It is amazing and even more so when they are in couple . According to the expert,"the skin has a memory of good caresses"(love),"bad caresses"(abuse) and"without caresses"(carelessness).

Obviously In happy relationships the"good caresses"predominate and are present, for example, after a tiring day of work , Some days of absence or at a sudden moment.


Say"I love you"and"Good morning"every morning

To start the day in the best way and cultivate values ​​such as patience, respect and affection, nothing better than repeating these two sentences every morning. Although everything must be proven by facts, The power of the word also strengthens, gives courage and renews the votes and again.

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Say good night

"Good evening"is a pin to finish the day in the best way , Demonstrating that one wants the best for the other, despite the difficulties of the day, the fatigue Or the possible problems that have occurred in the day.

Call during the day

Without the intention of returning calls or text messages a form of"control"on the couple , The expert indicates that it is a habit that maintains the complicity and connection when both can not be seen physically.

Called kiwanja

Feel proud to be seen as a couple

Happy couples often show their love in the social arena and when they meet in public . Without disturbing the people around them, couples usually Hold hands , Give yourself a kiss, share a hug or dedicate any show of affection to show that there is a very special connection between both.

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