10 great benefits of red wine that you did not know

Have a glass of red wine a day Can do much for our overall health. But let us remember, always with moderation and balance. A daily glass of this natural tribute and enchanting flavor will accompany your dishes and will greatly improve your well-being. We explained why.

Red wine and its great benefits


1. An ally to lose weight

Did you know that? In fact, red wine has a very special property: activating a gene that prevents the formation of new grease And, if this were not enough, allows us to stimulate existing ones to purify them and gradually eliminate them. To prove this, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Conducted several studies and published their results in various media.

However, for this effect to be reflected in our silhouette, remember that you should not drink more than one drink a day. In the image you have a reference of quantity: it does not reach a full glass. Obviously, the results will be more visible if combined with a balanced diet and fat free.

2. Enhancer for our brain

Red wine is a good mediator to improve our cognitive processes. And how can this be? There are many studies that show us that drinking wine in a balanced, moderate but constant way, allows us to Prevent dementia and degenerative diseases of Our brain.

It resolves inflammations, prevents hardening of the arteries, and also inhibits coagulation thus improving blood circulation. It's fabulous.


3. Treats gum infections

If you are one of those people who, for example, They bleed gums S, do not hesitate and accompany your meals with a glass of red wine. exist Grapes which, when fermented in wine, have the Occurrence of streptococci and bacteria related to caries, As well as being very effective against gingivitis and even sore throats.

4. Combat tiredness

Curious, right? The research appeared in The FASEB Journal , And tells us that resveratrol is present in Grapes Who improves our situation in those days when we are somewhat more apathetic or tired. It is worth bearing in mind.

5. Increase our endorphins

Remember: always in moderation to enjoy more of that healthy and delicious red wine. In doing so, We release endorphins In our body, relaxing and enjoying more of the moment. This study was carried out at the University of California. Do not forget that wine combined with certain foods and dishes further enhances their taste and enjoyment. Did you know?


6. Cleans our palate

Really curious but true. Drinking red wine while we eat makes, thanks to its astringent properties, the flavor of the food is perceived more intensely. Reduces the taste of fats If we eat meat and gives us a satisfying feeling when cleaning our mouth. A detail that we must take into account and that convinces us, even more, of the utility of accompanying lunches or dinners With that glass of red wine.

7. Good for lowering cholesterol

As you know, red wine is a natural treasure rich in Polyphenols , One of which is beneficial Resveratrol , A chemical Rich in antioxidants, According to the Mayo Clinic, helps us take care of our blood vessels, as it prevents the formation of clots and the reduction of so-called"bad"cholesterol.

8. Excellent for our heart health

In addition to the polyphenols we mentioned above, red wine is rich in vitamin E, which helps to cleanse our blood, prevent clots, Protecting the tissues of the blood vessels. Thus, a simple glass of red wine dramatically increases the potential of our cardiovascular health.

Red wine

9. Reduce the risk of cancer

It is a great antioxidant. A natural resource capable of blocking, for example, Growth of the cells responsible for Cancer Breast Or lung. One of its best properties is precisely the action that revastratol exerts in preventing estrogen from causing carcinogenic problems in women.

10. Combat urinary tract infections

Thanks to its antioxidant and astringent properties it manages to avoid that the bacteria adhere to our bladder or kidneys and optimizes, in addition, Filtration and purification of these organs . It suffices, as we say, one copita a day to benefit from these important dimensions. Are you going to lose them?

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