10 Home Remedies for Arthritis and Joint Pain

The arthritis Is an inflammation of the joints that is characterized by pain, swelling, deformity and / or stiffness, commonly in areas such as the knees, fingers, toes, wrists, elbows and shoulders, but can also occur in the neck , Back or hip.

The types of arthritis Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are more frequent. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease that usually appears in the elderly; While rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic and degenerative problem, which in addition to affecting the joints of the fingers, wrists, knees, and feet, also affects the muscles and other tissues of the body.

This problem is more frequent in women than in men and 80% of people who suffer from it are over 50 years old. Although people with arthritis or symptoms of this disease should consult their doctor, there are some natural remedies that can help alleviate joint pain and symptoms.

Fish oil or flaxseed

The Omega 3 fatty acids Which contains the fish and the seeds of flaxseed, Are effective in treating arthritis and joint pain , As this component decreases inflammation and cartilage wear.


One of the foods that can not miss a healthy diet in order to relieve inflammation is celery. This food is characterized by its diuretic and detoxifying properties . It also remineralizes the body, detoxifies it, purifies the blood, improves digestion, lowers blood pressure, relieves joint pain and has properties that help prevent cancer. To take advantage of all its benefits it is important to consume it in juices, infusion or salads.


Eucalyptus oil

It is characterized by its Analgesic, antirheumatic and depurative properties , As well as having a calming effect against inflammation. It should be consumed in tea, or applied in compresses or as essential oil.


This plant is characterized by its purifying properties, in addition to helping to calm the symptoms of the arthritis . It can be consumed in salads, added to smoothies and you can even extract a tincture of this plant, macerating a few leaves for half a liter of alcohol 90º for 10 days. With the tincture the affected area is rubbed between 2 or 3 times a day.



Ginger is characterized by its potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic benefits, which Can be used topically to reduce the pain and swelling that occurs in arthritis . In addition, including ginger in the diet helps reduce the pain of inflammatory diseases in any of its manifestations. In this case it is recommended to prepare a tea of ​​ginger, placing a root in a liter of boiling water.


Turmeric is another powerful natural anti-inflammatory that Can help reduce joint pain. In this case you should dilute a half teaspoon of turmeric in a glass of boiling water, and take it twice a day.


Garlic is a food with anti-inflammatory, depurative and detoxifying properties, among others. To treat arthritis is used in different ways. The first is consuming three cloves of raw garlic a day. Another option is to crush a garlic and apply it directly to the pain zone. The last remedy is to crush a garlic, to mix it with lemon juice and to take this preparation in fasting the following day.



To relieve inflammation and joint pain, prepare a Laurel infusion . Boil a quart of water, when it is boiling add 10 grams of bay leaves and let it boil 5 minutes more. Once it is ready, leave it to stand and apply warm on the affected area, using a cotton cloth. Keep in the affected area for 2 minutes and do this treatment at least 5 times.

Cold Water Compressors

They are useful for reducing joint swelling and inflammation. Ideally, apply an ice pack directly to the affected joint, letting it act for 15 minutes with a 30-minute break between treatments.

Hot water

To do this therapy you can use a pad of moist heat or a warm towel. Ideally, use it directly over the area of ​​pain, which will help reduce inflammation and have a calming effect.

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