10 Little Known Benefits of Onion

Without a doubt, the onion Is a vegetable that is used a lot in the kitchen because its excellent properties make the dishes are more delicious. Not only this, the onion is also an excellent addition to add more nutritional value to the recipes you prepare.

Vegetables are excellent for maintaining people's health but onions, in particular, are special because they produce benefits that you surely did not even know.

To strengthen the immune system

Onions contain high levels of phytochemicals and these can help strengthen the immune system of people naturally. These components can help maximize the overall effects of vitamin C on the body and this vitamin is another immune system strengthening agent.

Immune system

Thus, The onion allows you to become stronger against infections and diseases. This is why you should constantly add this vegetable to your diet. In addition, thanks to the onions you can recover more easily and heal in less time.

For the control of diabetes

Chromium is one of the active components present in onions and is very helpful for people suffering from diabetes. This element is very useful for To regulate sugar levels in blood And can minimize the complications derived from this.

As anti-inflammatory


Onions have vitamins and minerals that make the body more resistant to diseases and infections. When the possibility of infection is reduced in the body, then the inflammations are reduced as well. Hence, onions are very Useful for relieving the symptoms of arthritis, inflammation and joint pains.

They can also be very useful for people suffering from allergy problems, because in many cases their airways are inflamed.

To help heart health

The consumption of onions, especially raw, stimulates the production of healthy cholesterol in the body. In this way, Can keep blood pressure at healthy levels. In addition, onions prevent heart disease, as they improve the health of the cardiovascular system in general.

For cancer prevention


Onions are rich in flavonoids, especially quercetin. This is an element well known for its anticancer properties, as it can reduce DNA damage and minimize the formation of tumors in the body. It has been shown in recent studies that consumption of this agent may reduce the occurrence of colorectal cancer and ovarian cancer.

As an analgesic

He Juice of onions Is very good for relieving pain and reducing burning sensation by insect bites.

As an antioxidant


Everybody Vegetables are antioxidants par excellence And of course, onions are no exception. In addition, they are very good against stress, free radicals and cell damage. They also prevent conditions such as gastric ulcers, tumors and other similar conditions.

For the health of bones and tissues

Onions contain a high percentage of calcium And are also rich in sulfur, which maintains the health and strength of the connective tissue. This combination is ideal for Prevent bone loss in the elderly. It has also been shown that onions can reduce the symptoms associated with menopause.

For mental health

Healthy brain

When combined with existing proteins in the body, onion sulfide functions as a stimulator for the production of amino acids in the brain . This is very beneficial for the proper functioning of the nervous system and to combat the symptoms of stress, depression and other similar conditions.

For digestion

Being Rich in Fibers , Onions are an indispensable element to maintain the health of the digestive system and that of the body in general. With a healthy digestive system you can have better digestion and the body can absorb food properly.

My final tip: consume one onion a day

An onion a day helps keep the body healthy and disease free. Remember, Whether raw or cooked, onions are an excellent help to lead a healthier life And pleasurable.

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