11 Curious Ways to Reuse Teabags You Did not Know

Most people discard tea bags after having consumed that hot drink full of properties. What many of these people do not know is that These tea bags could have more than one use, besides giving us that drink that we like so much . The Tea bags Can be reused for many purposes, as they continue to retain some properties that may be useful for different household tasks. How can you reuse tea bags?

An ally of cleaning

Clean Carpets

For clean and dust-free carpets, Dries some tea bags lightly and then spreads its contents onto the carpet . Let the tea dry well on the carpet and then vacuum or sweep.

Clean crystals

To clean glass surfaces, such as windows, mirrors or cups, among others, place the used tea bags soak in warm water and then pour the contents into a spray. Spray surfaces with this liquid and dry using a clean lint-free cloth.

Shine wood

Believe it or not, The contents of the tea bags can be an excellent ally for To shine furniture And hardwood floors. To do this, simply spread the contents of the tea bags on the surfaces you want to polish and wipe them with a dry cloth.

Degreaser for crockery

Tea has the power to degrease dirty dishes, and is also an excellent deodorant to eliminate bad odors. Set those aggressive chemicals aside and start using tea bags to wash your dishes. Simply fill a container with hot water and some used tea bags; Then dunk the dirty dishes and leave it to soak to get rid of the fat. It is also very useful for cleaning drains.

Goodbye to bad odors


Neutralize bad odors

At home there are different areas that can concentrate bad smells Which are very unpleasant. We give you several ideas:

  • Mix the contents of the tea bags with the cat litter.
  • Place used tea bags inside the refrigerator to neutralize bad odors.
  • Prevent smells in the trash can by putting some used tea bags inside.
  • Let the tea bags dry and place them inside the shoes to prevent or neutralize the odors.

Home Air Freshener

Tea bags also Are good for gently scenting areas of the house such as cupboards, bedrooms and even kitchen . Simply hang them in an inconspicuous place.

Remove bad odor from hands

Chopping onions or garlic, or handling fish leaves unpleasant odors impregnated in the hands that can be removed with tea bags. To do this, rub your hands with the contents and rinse as usual.

Ally in your garden


Avoid the formation of fungi

If you want to avoid the appearance of fungi in your plants, Dip the used tea bags in warm water and wait until it is colored by the tea scraps. Then sprinkle the liquid on your plants or use it to water them.

Fertilize the soil

The contents in the tea bags are ideal for Fertilize the soil naturally . To do this, spread the contents of your sachets through the land where you have crops and plants .

Ingredient for home compost

You can add used tea bags as one of the ingredients for To prepare a homemade compost . Just be sure to remove the metal clamp they usually bring.

It removes insects and rodents

Tea bags Can help you keep away insects and rodents that often invade your garden . You can also place them in other areas of the home where there is invasion of ants, spiders and even mice. If you want a more effective solution, combine them with mint essential oil.

Did you have any idea what you can do with the tea bags? Do not throw them in the trash again and take advantage of all their uses in the home. You can store them in the refrigerator for later use. Of course, if you feel that the sachets already have a bad smell, it is better to discard them.

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