12 signs that show that there is distance in your partner

12 signs that show that there is distance in your partner

Work addiction, excuses and lack of attention are signs of estrangement.

Being married or living a relationship does not always automatically represent an accompaniment. The fact that there is a person on the other side of the mattress does not always mean that you have a loving partner. The distance in your partner can encompass the emotional realm, which is even worse than physical distance.

Almost always that solitude begins with the indifference of the couple. The lack of communication in turn leads to feelings of abandonment and lack of affection. This translates into a distancing that can be fatal to the relationship. These are small errors that add up to become a difficult problem to solve.

The courtship stage is usually exciting and dynamic, but living under the same roof can lead to a rhythm of life routine , that results in the communication gradually decreasing and distance increases. The commitment to living as a couple also includes sharing the daily stress of employment, economic problems and day-to-day solutions.

Signs of distance in your partner

distance in your couple

The distance in your partner can be due to many causes , but something that we should keep in mind is that it is not healthy to maintain a situation with these characteristics for a long time. Therefore, we present some signs that indicate that it is time to act.

  1. Excess of time invested in work and hobbies.
  2. Substance abuse.
  3. Little communication or conversations only referring to topics that do not include anything of personal or emotional importance .
  4. Inability to interact with friends or family of the couple.
  5. Stop making plans together.
  6. Sensation of routine life.
  7. Lack of attention and worry in day to day .
  8. Excuses when considering exits together.
  9. Efforts that are not compensated.
  10. Sensation of loneliness when they are together.
  11. Imitate harmful behaviors of the couple, instead of talking about them and correct them.
  12. Lack of compromise .

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Learned behaviors

distance in your couple 1

Generally, withdrawal is an unconscious behavior to try to tolerate the relationship and get relief in the emotional intensity it represents. This may be based on a behavior learned in the family circle in which the distant partner was raised.

Tense family relationships, with little affectivity. They result in unassuming people expressing their emotions. Although they are in love, they mark a certain distance because it is what is in their database as what it should be; nobody taught them to show affection and, consequently, they have no way of doing it.

It can also happen that the person was raised in an environment where their parents were in constant conflict and believe that marking a distance will help the same thing not happen in the home they will form. However, the effect is opposite. The distance in your partner increases the anxiety and can lead to destroy the relationship .

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What to do?

The employment added to the economic difficulties, the short time to share tastes and hobbies and other ingredients are part of a 'recipe' that provokes the sensation of loneliness . We give you some tips to solve the estrangement of your partner:

  • Increase the dialogue. Communication is the basis of every relationship. Express your points of view, our emotions and needs. As well you must know how to listen, without seeking guilty or using emotional blackmail .
  • Show repentance if there are situations that have helped to generate distance in your partner.
  • It is essential to know forgive the other's mistakes.
  • Try to get out of routine conversations and activities.
  • Propiciad instants to share them face to face , beyond conversations by phone or internet, which are today cause of greater distance between couples.
  • Share moments with the loved ones of the couple, both friends and family.
  • Seek professional help is a very appropriate option because it will allow us to obtain positive results based on the experience of specialists.

The distance in the couple is a reality that can be faced by clinging to love that we feel for the other . The discussions and the differences are something habitual in the life in couple, but while we maintain the respect and the motivation by a common project, all effort will have reward.

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