13 tricks to cut the onions without dropping a tear

Many of us know how uncomfortable that sensation of itching that occurs in the eyes when we have to cut onion While we are in the kitchen. Most people end up tearing over the count by peeling and chopping the onions , To the point that if someone enters and sees us like this you may think that we are having a bad emotional moment. The truth is that it is a really annoying feeling, that although it is not an emotional state, yes Makes us tear a lot and can cause us some despair.

Why cut the onions makes us tear?

When we cut the onion it releases a substance called alinase, which is the one that produces emission of an irritating molecule called syn-propanotial-S-oxide or propanotial, causing eye irritation and tearing. This molecule is a sulfurized essential oil, which is easily captured by the nose and Mucous membranes . By breathing the propanotial, its irritating action produces that annoying tearing and burning in the eyes, which is sometimes so annoying that we have to leave the kitchen to recover.

As we know which forms part of that great percentage of people who cry when they have to manipulate onion, today we want to share the best tricks so that you learn to cut your onions without dropping a single tear. These tricks are based on avoiding or reducing the emission of the volatile substance, while at the same time minimizing its effects.

The best tricks to cut onions without crying


  • The first recommended trick is to Rub the cutting board With a piece of lemon before you chop the onion. Afterwards you will be able to chop quietly and avoid any discomfort in your eyes. By the way this trick can help you to avoid penetrating the strong scents of the onion on your table.
  • If you are thinking about cutting onion while you make your recipes, Put the knife in the freezer About 15 minutes before you start cutting and use the knife cold.
  • Be sure to have a good knife to cut your onions, which is smooth and sharp blade.
  • An excellent trick that has given us results is Cut the onion with the smoke extractor on.
  • Another good option is Chop the onion in a place with draft , Since in this way we extract the acids that are released by chopping the onion, which are the cause of tearing.
  • A good option is Place the onion in the freezer for at least one hour before cutting it. If the onion is very cold this can be quite useful to prevent that annoying Tearing And burning.
  • As you cut the onion, insert the knife into cold water or vinegar several times. It is a simple enough trick but only manages to reduce the tearing somewhat.
  • Be sure to use a good knife to cut the onions, as The knives of teeth make that in each court release more enzymes causing the burning and tearing, And also make it take longer.
  • The water can help us dissipate the gas that releases the onion when we cut it , Which is the cause of burning and tearing. For this it is best to fill a container with water and place it near the place where you are cutting your onions.
  • Place boiling water near the place where you will cut the onions so that the steam dissipates the onion gases while you cut it.
  • Although it may seem funny to you, you can wear sunglasses or dive while you cut the onion. This trick will avoid the annoying feelings of burning and tearing and you can cut your onions without problems. In fact, On the market there are also glasses designed to cut onion , The price is around 20 euros.
  • Another trick that can work for you is to initially cut the onions into large pieces and later Put it to soak in Water Boiling a few minutes before finely chopped.
  • If none of these tricks works for you, You may consider replacing regular onions with green onions or Chives , Although they will not give the same flavor to your meals.

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