14 uses you might not know about fresh ginger

Ginger is a root that has been used by humanity for thousands of years. Its best known use is in the kitchen, but today we are going to present another 14 uses of this plant.


He ginger , Like most herbs, contains high levels of antioxidants. This does Which is especially recommended for combating internal inflammation of the body and preventing diseases . Nutritionists recommend ginger and other similar herbs to maintain proper health.

Improves stomach health


Consumption of this herb is also recommended to cure the stomach and improve intestinal transit. Likewise, Is very useful to accelerate the production of digestive enzymes and helps a correct digestion . Ginger is, therefore, very good for problems like indigestion, constipation and diarrhea.


Ginger has analgesic properties that are very useful to relieve pain in joints and muscles, hence it is very Beneficial for those who suffer from arthritis , As it can reduce pain and improve mobility . It is also recommended to use athletes and coaches who are exposed to muscle pain during their workouts. And if you come very tired from work one day, it can be very useful to cut a little of this herb and put it in your bathtub. OR N bath with ginger is the best cure for fatigue and work stress.

Relieves nausea from pregnancy


Pregnant women usually feel nauseous and want to vomit but, since the health in that state is quite sensitive, the use of anti-vomiting medication is not recommended. Even medications prescribed by doctors can be harmful to the baby, as they can even cause miscarriages and other complications.

Recent studies carried out in several European and Asian countries have found that Ginger taken as tea or consumed naturally helps relieve the symptoms of vomiting Without exposing the mother and baby to drugs full of chemical agents that can cause side effects. Of course, it is always advisable to consult your doctor before using this remedy against nausea during pregnancy.

Prevents colorectal cancer

Ginger has been found to contain a component called Jengirol, Which is the substance responsible for the characteristic flavor of this herb. This element is Anti-cancer drug and has proven effects to prevent colon And straight .

Stimulates appetite

Lack of appetite

The acrid taste of ginger can work as a stimulant . For people who experience loss of appetite, ginger is excellent if taken as juice Or tea. Appetite stimulation is also encouraged as a consequence of the properties of ginger to accelerate the production of digestive enzymes.

Prevents and ameliorates ovarian cancer symptoms

As in the case of colon and rectal cancer, Ginger has the peculiarity of helping in the prevention of malignant tumors . This herb contains, as we have said before, elements that help prevent the reproduction of free radicals in the body, while fighting inflammation, which is the initial sign in the formation of cancer.

Relieves menstrual cramps

Premenstrual syndrome

The healing properties of ginger help to have a healthy reproductive system. For women who suffer from severe menstrual pain, Consuming this herb at the beginning of its cycle can be very useful as it helps to relieve Aches Associated with menstruation . In addition, regular consumption of ginger can help to have a regular and stable menstrual cycle.

Avoid travel sickness

For those who suffer from nausea when traveling by air, sea or land, ginger is an excellent aid because of its soothing effects on the nerves. Ginger Can be chewed or coated with sugar when you prepare a trip, as it is an herb that can be slowly absorbed by the body . It is true that there are medicines for this type of discomfort, but they are not natural and do not offer all the benefits of ginger.

Avoid flatulence


The associated gas and pain can be caused by different causes such as stress, digestion problems or poor eating habits. By incorporating ginger into your meals you can alleviate these symptoms and improve the state of your stomach .

Avoid breathing problems

This herb is also useful for the lungs and heart. If you have problems like asthma or bronchitis , You just need to add ginger to your recipes to speed up your healing and recovery .

Burn Treatment


For its revitalizing and healing properties it can also be used to relieve minor skin problems and burns. The juice and oil extracted directly from the plant are applied to the damaged surface of the skin to achieve recovery of the affected tissues .


Of this we will not speak much, because its properties like ingredient of thousands of recipes are well-known. Something we want to point out is the versatility of this herb to serve as an ingredient in sauces, dressings, beverages, etc. And combine with almost everything you can imagine.

Cosmetic use

Its properties make it an excellent product for Soaps , Perfumes, creams And other cosmetics for the treatment of the skin and the revitalization of the body.

As you have seen in this article, ginger has many properties and uses that perhaps you did not know. Try it, it is an excellent option that you can incorporate from TODAY itself to your recipes.

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