15 remedies for purifying heavy metals from the liver

Heavy Metals . Why is it so important to remove them from our body? Because they are toxins, harmful elements that damage our cells and make us sick. Many of them end up being stored in our liver and, in the long term, cause serious health problems.

It is important then to know how we can properly purify our liver, to eliminate all those heavy metals capable of damaging not only this organ. As well The brain, kidneys, intestines and the immune system May be affected. So, what if we start today to implement these simple tips?

1. The importance of purifying the heavy metals of our organism

drinking water

You should know that these heavy metals are classified in Organic and inorganic . The first have their origin in the medicines that, from time to time, we are forced to take. But beware, also included in this category other harmful elements such as alcohol or Tobacco . These are habits that we must avoid for the sake of our health.

And what are the metals of Inorganic origin ? The so-called inorganic toxins are those that we get through food and, also, through contamination. Sometimes working in chemical industries or where heavy metals are handled makes our health suffer.

Sooner or later we end up getting sick because we can not properly eliminate those toxins stored in our body. And do you know where these heavy metals remain? In the lymphatic system and, especially, in the liver . It's a risk.

2. What are the most common heavy metals we usually store?


We are sure that this data will surprise you. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to maintain a healthy life, we end up getting toxins from the most common means. Urban pollution, water we drink or chemicals from many foods Are common sources that can make us sick. Here is a short list of examples:

  • Arsenic: It is the most harmful substance for the body. Do you know where it can be found on many occasions? In Water Of the faucets. The problem has its origin in the use in pesticides and the natural filtration. A serious problem. The other sources of contamination would come from working in environments with this type of substance.
  • Lead: We usually get it through the water pipes. Also with pesticides present in some foods such as vegetables.
  • Mercury: Do you know the way we get mercury? Through Seafood and fish Contaminated.
  • Cadmium: Cadmium is present in many agricultural fertilizers. Without realizing it, daily we end up consuming numerous fruits and vegetables that include this heavy metal so harmful. Although do not worry, since the amounts are usually minimal, in the long run they can be dangerous. Hence the importance of knowing how to purify our organism.

15 remedies to purify our liver of heavy metals


1. Begin the day by taking a garlic fasting. To do this, you have only to catch a garlic Peeled and clean and split into three pieces to eat with a glass of water. Do not worry about bad breath. Then you can drink a lemon juice and disappear. You also have the option of xylitol chewing gum to remove the smell of garlic in your mouth. Do not hesitate, starting the day with a garlic fasting is an excellent way to purify heavy liver from the liver.
2. Dandelion: What if we make a healthy infusion of dandelion after our lunch? It is one of the best plants to purify the body.
3. Water of artichokes: This remedy will be used two days a week. To do this, take two artichokes and cuécelas in a liter of water. When they are already tender, separate the water from the vegetables. This infusion is the one we will take throughout the day. Wonderful! As a suggestion, if you add the juice of a lemon, it will be even more beneficial.
4. Alga chlorella (Chlorella pyrenoidosa): It is magnificent for purifying the heavy metal organism. Where to find it? In natural or specialized food stores.
5. Chlorophyll: Chlorophyll can also be easily found in natural stores. It is an excellent natural remedy to take care of the liver, to detoxify and strengthen the immune system.
6. Coriander: Do not forget, from now on include a few coriander leaves in your salads and soups. For what reason? Because it takes care of our immune system and helps eliminate mercury, aluminum and lead from the body.
7. Grapefruit juice with orange: Excellent combination of vitamin C that will purify us inside. We can drink this juice every morning. You'll love it.
8. Oats: Another great choice for breakfasts. The oats Is rich in zinc and selenium, two minerals that take care of our immune system and allow us to purify heavy metals.
9. Brown rice: Another zinc rich cereal that will take care of your health. It is tasty and a great ally to debug.
10. Peaches: This juicy and tempting fruit has a natural treasure of vitamins and minerals, perfect for removing heavy metals.
11. Broccoli: You should know that broccoli is one of the best vegetables to purify our liver. It is necessary that, when buying them, we know that they have been grown without pesticides.
12. Raw spinach: Spinach is very rich in chlorophyll . If we take them raw we will benefit even more from their properties.
13. Nuts of Brazil (Bertholletia excelsa): They are delicious! In addition, they are rich in zinc and selenium, ideal for eliminating heavy metals.
14. The onion: Have you eaten onion today? Have you added it to your salads? Remember that they are rich in sulfur, a fabulous ally to neutralize heavy metals like aluminum.

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