17 Healing, cleansing and energizing drinks ideal for every day

It is not the same to drink a coffee in the morning that at night, or a fruit juice at noon that in the afternoon. Each activity requires a special drink, although water is always the best par excellence. In the next note you will know what the best drinks are for each moment of the day (depending on the purpose you have).

To make muscle

Milk. This dairy food contains a good dose of casein and whey proteins, with essential amino acids and essential to build muscle. It is ideal if you are fulfilling a routine to achieve this goal. Drink milk shakes before and after training.

* Star foods: Vegetables and dairy products

To lose weight

Green tea or grapefruit juice. You can choose the first in winter and the second in summer. They improve metabolism and burn fat. In the case of fruit, you can eat alone, fasting, every morning.

To recover from the year

Water, chocolate With milk or sports drinks. The most important thing after training is to drink a good amount of water to replenish the liquid that was lost through sweat. The other two options serve to recover energy, especially if the routine is very demanding.

To render more

Water, cherry juice or coconut water. Whether you have to take a test, stay late at work or prepare to run a marathon, these three alternatives are the most recommended. We already know the properties that have to drink water. For its part, cherry juice (consumed for a week followed) will reduce the pain of exercise and regain muscle. The coconut water hydrates and allows to withstand more extensive days.


For muscle cramps

Pickle juice. It may sound a bit weird, but the pickle juice is excellent for the Cramps Or muscle spasms, so painful and annoying that they occur especially in the legs. It helps in communication between the brain and muscles when there is fatigue.

For stomach upset

Ginger with water, sugar and lemon (known as Ginger Ale). Allows you to delete sickness And the pains in the stomach when we have eaten too much or some food did not sit well.

For the cold

Tea with lemon And honey. It is a classic home remedy when we are having a cold or with the flu. It eliminates nasal congestion, helps expectorate phlegm, etc. Some add a few drops of whiskey or rum to increase the benefits.

Benefits of Ginger Tea

For sore throat

Turmeric tea. It keeps the throat moist and reduces inflammation in that area.

For mouth ulcers

Coconut milk. You can gargle with this liquid if you have sores or burns in the mouth produced by a hot meal. As well You can drink the milk when it comes to a rash due to stomach problems Or in fungal infections such as thrush.

For constipation

Juice of aloe vera . It has laxative effects and is very good for desinflamar. Extract the pulp from an aloe vera stem, mixed with water and drink on an empty stomach. You can also get the extract in the naturist houses.

Aloe vera freckles

For drowsiness

Spirulina, coffee. The first is more advisable than the second, since caffeine is not quite good for the body. A small cup of coffee may be the solution once every so often, but spirulina powder (sold in dietetics), derived from blue and green algae, Contains a lot of minerals and vitamins that stimulate energy. Dissolve in water or juice.

For sleeping

Cherry juice, hot milk or tea chamomile . Consume any of these three alternatives one hour before bed and you will see that you rest like an angel all night. They will increase your levels of melatonin, which serve to improve the duration of sleep and its quality. Chamomile is used to have deeper dreams.

To lift the spirits

Tea of ​​melisa. You can accompany with a few drops of lemon juice. You prepare it like any infusion. It lowers blood pressure and will make you feel better, Leaving aside depression or sadness.


For digestion

Herbs tea. After eating, especially if you have done it copiously, drink an herbal tea, which will help you to digest food better. The most recommended are mint or boldo . For faster digestion, add a pinch of cinnamon powder to your infusion.

To counter spicy food

Milk, yoghurt Drinkable These two dairy products alleviate the inflammation and sensation of fire that occurs in the stomach when we eat something with much spice or seasoning. The milk is slightly acidic and allows to neutralize some ingredients like capsaicin (Present in curry, turmeric, ginger, cumin, etc.).


For the hangover

Orange juice, banana smoothie. If you have passed with your drinks and the next day your head and stomach hurt, in addition to drinking lots of water to hydrate and eliminate toxins, It is advisable to drink an orange juice or a banana smoothie (You can add spinach). Alcohol reduces Blood sugar And both drinks will return levels to normal.

For dehydration

Coconut water. The pure water is very good but in the case of coconut water will also offer you a good amount of electrolytes and carbohydrates. Excellent to consume after exercise or for days of excessive heat.

Coconut water
Source: Greatist

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