3 breakfasts that strengthen your natural defenses

There are times when we have The somewhat lower defenses. Winter, periods of continued stress, having passed an illness or surgery, causes Our immune system Is weaker and more vulnerable. So, what if we started with a good dose of natural defenses already in our breakfast?

Option 1, healthy breakfast for our defenses


  • Natural lemon juice With a spoonful of honey
  • Bowl of oats With grapes and nuts
  • An egg scrambled with tender garlic

Why is it healthy?

We assure you that this breakfast will delight you and that, without a doubt, you will get a good injection of natural defenses. How? Very easy, start the day with A natural lemon juice with honey Is a natural treasure of defenses Which no one can question. Rich in vitamins, in antioxidants, purifies us inside and protects against many diseases.

Honey is that natural element that heals, cauterizes and elevates our natural defenses . It is basic in our day to day care of our health. Make it as natural as possible and do not include too much sugar.

And what about oats? As you know, it's a solid . It is rich in vitamin B , A basic element to elevate the level of our lymphocytes , Those cells that fight against many viruses and bacteria and that, in essence, protect us. Always keep in mind: oatmeal is a great choice in our breakfasts.

The omelette or the egg scrambled with tender garlic is really healthy and delicious. Just one egg and two sweet garlic. We must remember that Eggs are rich in lean proteins , That give us energy and that are suitable to start the day with force. Combining them with garlic gives you a natural treasure trove of properties for your defenses. Garlic is Natural antibiotics , Fight infections, viruses and bacteria. So you just have to enjoy this simple breakfast.

Option 2, breakfast to strengthen the immune system


  • Eucalyptus infusion And honey
  • A bowl of greek yogurt with oatmeal, strawberries and walnuts
  • A grapefruit or grapefruit juice

Why is it healthy?

What if we start the day with A good eucalyptus infusion ? It is that sheet that has more properties to increase our defenses, to Protect against the flu or Cooled . It is a fantastic remedy for those times when we change seasons and our body suffers. Combined with honey, you will have a natural reserve of defenses ideal for those mornings of cold in which we go to work.

With regard to the Greek yogurt, We have talked about it in our space on some other occasion. It is the least lactose available, and yet it gives you more calcium than a glass of milk. Dairy products, if they are fermented they take care of our immune system And of our defenses, giving us also those Good bacteria So basic to our gut. You will also avoid annoying constipation and improve your digestion.

If you add oats, nuts and strawberries , You will have vitamins and Antioxidants. If you include walnuts or almonds, you will also provide zinc and magnesium, which greatly improve our immune system.

And what about grapefruit juice? It's excellent. A natural remedy to raise our defenses and avoid infections. In fact, you should know, for example, that an element is made from grapefruit or grapefruit to make drugs for vaginal infections. And you want to know one more secret? If you choose those grapefruits that have a more intense tone, you will have more antioxidants, great to fight against cancer and to raise our natural defenses. Do not hesitate.

3. Option 3, energy breakfast to strengthen our natural defenses


  • Carrot and beet juice
  • Egg scrambled with spinach

Why is it healthy?

Well, as you can intuit this breakfast is something more energetic. What are we looking for with these foods? Increase your iron doses, raise your amounts of B vitamins and vitamin C. It is delicious and very healthy . This nutrient complex will dramatically boost your defenses by adding more iron and more protein, by strengthening those elements that also support the immune system.

It is easy to do and fast if you have a good Processor where to liquefy beet and green apple . You do not have to skim the apple, since as you know pectin gives us great benefits to our health. Remember to clean all fruits and vegetables well. Add a glass of water also to make the smoothie easier to drink, and we assure you that it is as delicious as it is healthy.

If you also encourage yourself with The egg scrambled with spinach , You will see how much energy you will have to start the day. A good dose of iron to fight against the anemia, the morning weakness or those classic headaches that we sometimes have when getting up.

Do not hesitate to wake up a little sooner and prepare these delicious breakfasts. Your defenses will notice, and your health, too.

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