3 Broths to detoxify the liver

This time of year is ideal to take a little time to take care of being healthier, vital and balanced weight. For this we need the collaboration of our liver , An organ that Should work properly if we want to have a good quality of life.

In this article we explain how you can Eliminate the toxins that harm your liver Of simple way, economic and natural, consuming daily these vegetable broths that also will surprise you by its delicious flavor. Try them!

Why do we have to detoxify the liver?

We continually hear about the importance of cleaning the liver Of toxins, but why? This organ is vital for our health, since Is the great eliminator of all those substances that are harmful to our organism . However, often our body is overloaded with toxins and the liver becomes saturated.

What does our liver intoxicate?

  • Food we do not digest well.
  • Foods rich in unhealthy fats.
  • Excess animal protein.
  • Food additives: preservatives, colorants, flavorings, etc.
  • Alcohol.
  • Tobacco and all kinds of toxic habits.
  • Contamination.
  • Negative emotions.

As we can see, there are many elements that harm our liver, and for this reason It is highly recommended to perform some cleansing treatment from time to time To facilitate his task.

The broths that we propose are a good option to make from time to time.

Broths or creams?

Although in this article we propose a depuration based on wines, in fact You can also crush the vegetables and consume them in cream form , So that they are more Satiating And serve you the first course.

Nevertheless, The broths have the advantage that we can take them throughout the day in more quantity , So we enhance the debugging.

Our proposal is that for a fortnight or a month you take a liter of one of these broths daily. It can be every day the same, or you can also go alternating them and exchanging their ingredients. The most effective is to take these broths half an hour before each meal, on an empty stomach .

Do not forget to season your broths or creams with a good jet of good quality olive oil and a little seawater Instead of common salt. In this way you will give them more flavor while increasing their health properties.

Artichoke, apple and lemon

The artichoke Is one of the best known vegetables to protect the liver, and both are consumed directly as its infusion leaves. To make this broth we can use both.

The bitter taste of the artichoke will be neutralized by the sweetness and softness of the Apple. This fruit also benefits liver function, among many other properties.

Finally, the lemon Will add an acidic touch as well as Incredible properties to help digest fats , Which greatly facilitates liver work.

Broth n_sapiens

Celery, oats and ginger

Celery is a great depurative : Not only improves the functioning of the liver and gallbladder but also benefits the kidneys, so you can not miss in any debugging. In addition, it contributes a delicious flavor to the broths.

The oats , Besides giving a little consistency to this broth, contains plant fibers and proteins that help us to eliminate the toxic substances of the body. In addition, this cereal is very nutritious and at the same time Favors intestinal transit , Which should work properly if we are doing a cleansing cure.

Finally, A pinch of ginger will facilitate the digestion of fats , Which are the ones that hinder the work of the liver.

Oats JaBB

Cabbage, turnip and turmeric

All types of cabbages or cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, broccoli, cauliflower) Promote liver enzymes and prevent the onset of cancer cells.

Turnip, which is usually used in broths, also favors the digestion of fats , So it is imperative in a diet to cleanse the body.

Onion broth Lablascovegmenu

Finally, turmeric, besides being a potent anticancer and Anti-inflammatory , Helps us to expel bile and therefore to decongest the liver . It will suffice with a tablespoon rasa (6.8 g) per liter of broth.

Images courtesy of n_sapiens, JaBB and Lablascovegmenu

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