3 fruit combinations to lose weight

The Fruit combinations Are an exceptional resource for weight loss. You know, for example, the great benefits of betabe beet, apple and carrot. Delicious! But there are still more options that you will love to meet with us.

Dare to lose weight in an easy and healthy way. See below.

1. Delicious combo of apple, cucumber and ginger

Apple juice and cucumber

Do not know what to prepare in the morning? He then takes note of this proposal. With it, you will get to start your day in a healthy way, you will be able to nourish and hydrate your organism and, in addition, you will improve your figure.

Why do these fruit combinations help me to lose weight?

  • The Apple: You know that taking a green apple in the morning is a very effective way to lose fat. Rich in flavonoids, fiber and vitamin C, the apple also has the ability to regulate blood sugar level and activate our metabolism. It is perfect and a treasure trove of medicinal properties to combat cholesterol and diabetes.
  • The cucumber: The cucumber is light, refreshing and an ideal ally to combine with many smoothies. This vegetable so common in our markets stands as a great antioxidant capable of regenerating our cells, hydrating us and offering us a great feeling of satiety. Combined with other healthy fruits and vegetables, it becomes a perfect resource for losing weight.
  • Ginger: We are sure that you already know the many Benefits of ginger . We talk to him very often in our space and we never tire of showing you his great medicinal properties for your health and your weight. It allows us to digest foods much better, reduces inflammation and regulates the level of sugar in our body. How to resist?

How can I benefit from this combination?

  • Take one green apple And clean it well (you do not need the skins). Choose a good cucumber and pellet. You also need 40 grams of grated ginger.
  • We will make an infusion of ginger With a glass of water (250 ml). Once the decoction is ready, add it to the blender next to the Apple Cut into pieces and cucumber Also laminated. Get a well homogeneous juice.
  • You will notice the apple pieces, but it is advisable that you consume them. Pectin is also essential for this combination to work. Try it, because it is delicious.

2. Delicious combined fruit with grapefruit (grapefruit) and melon

Grapefruit melon

A smoothie as nice as refreshing. If you come home tired in the evenings and you want to drink something light, fresh and that, in addition, allows you to lose weight, do not hesitate. This combo is your best option.

Why do these fruit combinations help me to lose weight?

  • Grapefruit: The grapefruit Is rich in fiber and multiple vitamins. It is a very successful fruit to lose kilos, as long as we are constant. That is, you must drink this juice every afternoon. Grapefruit has the virtue of acting as an excellent"quemagrasa". Its acids allow us to improve our digestion and, besides, it fights the retention of liquids. It's fabulous.
  • The melon: Melon is the best depurative you can find in your markets. No matter what kind of melon you choose, consumed with balance and combined with the most suitable fruits, it is a good ally for weight loss. Rich in fiber and minerals, it is good for detoxifying the body and giving us a feeling of satiety.

How can I benefit from this combination?

  • You need 200 grams of melon . It must be fresh to be able to get all its nutrients. Remember that if the melon is too ripe you will have too much sugar, so make sure it is at its proper point of ripeness.
  • Get the juice of a Grapefruit.
  • Now let's go to the mixer. Add a glass of water (250 ml), the grapefruit juice and the chopped melon. Get a very homogenous juice and add a few ice cubes. You know that cold drinks accelerate our metabolism and allow us to go burning fat. It is very healthy, one of the best combinations of fruits that you can prepare in the day to day. Shall we start today?

3. Delicious mixed fruit with carrots, orange and parsley

Orange Juice and Carrot

Have you ever tried this juice based on Carrots And orange We assure you that it is one of the most exquisite, healthy and suitable fruit combination to lose weight . You can take it in the morning or next to your lunch. If you add ice cubes, you will enjoy a refreshing drink with which to accelerate your metabolism and take care of your health. It is wonderful!

Why do these fruit combinations help me to lose weight?

  • Oranges: Oranges are those fruits so common to regulate our Digestions , Avoid constipation, combat fluid retention and also strengthen our immune system. It is rich in soluble fiber, which allows us to clean the intestines and avoid inflammations. A medicinal fruit essential in our day to day.
  • The carrot: It is rich in fiber, in beta-carotene, vitamin A and potassium. It is one of those vegetables that prevent us from getting inflamed and that we retain liquids. It also improves our digestion, as it cleanses the body and allows us to properly remove fat. A delicious natural ally that combines very well with orange.

How can I benefit from this combination?

  • We need the juice of two oranges. Once you have it ready, take it to the blender along with two clean, chopped carrots.
  • Add 250 ml of water and obtain a very homogeneous juice.
  • Remember to drink it freshly made . If you add ice cubes, it will be much fresher and more delicious. Perfect for lunch time.

With which of these fruit combinations do you stay today?

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