3 healthy ways to drink coffee, which one do you prefer?

Coffee, coffee, coffee... It is that essential drink that gives us energy in the mornings, which awakens us, which enraptures us with its dark body and unsurpassed flavor. Are you maybe a Absolute passion of coffee ? Then you should not miss this article. We give you Three options Tasty and healthy you will not be able to resist.

1. Delicious coffee with cinnamon


Why is coffee healthy with cinnamon?

Let's take advantage of the properties of the cinnamon for his Capacity for slimming. As you know, cinnamon maintains as a virtue to keep the blood sugar level constant, so that there are no insulin rises and no downturns that cause consequences.

This coffee and cinnamon-based drink will help us Keep the glycemic index at bay , So that the level of body fat is balanced. For this to become effective, we should drink a cup, every other day, no. Very easy.

If you wish, you can combine each of these recipes that we provide throughout the week. They offer good benefits and are delicious.

But how do I prepare my cinnamon coffee?

This recipe for coffee with cinnamon can be prepared from Various modes.

  • With machine: Just add a small teaspoon of ground cinnamon (about 6 grams) to your coffee basket. The rest, you fill with the usual coffee and install it in your machine to make coffee as usual. Put the amount of water you use regularly to prepare it as every day, and let it fall. When it is taken, add a spoonful of honey. It's pretty easy as you see, machine-made has no more secret than adding that pinch of ground cinnamon.
  • In a pot: Put a glass of water and add a spoonful of coffee (12 grams). To be the coffee Of higher quality that you find. Add a sprig of cinnamon and allow it to boil. What next will we do? Strain everything well and allow it to sit. When serving it, do it in ceramic mugs, it lasts longer and the properties are better preserved. Sweeten with honey.

2. Delicious Green Coffee

green coffee

Why is green coffee healthy?

Green coffee Is in fashion. It is true that its flavor is a little stronger, a little more acidic, but it gives us a whole texture of sensations in the mouth that, without knowing how, Ends up conquering you To want to take it on a regular basis.

But why is green coffee so healthy?

  • Green coffee is used primarily in diets Purifying and antioxidants . It is one of the most antioxidant rich drinks, something really medicinal that makes us very good if we take it regularly.
  • Green coffee also has chlorogenic acid, which translates into incredible Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties . It is ideal for weight loss, to purify our body and benefit from multiple vitamins and minerals. Are you going to resist?

How do I prepare my green coffee?

It's very easy, you see. The ideal is to take more or less 15 g of green coffee beans . We fill a teapot with water, About 175 ml. We bring it to a boil until we see it peaks.

When you have reached it, lower the fire a little bit in order to keep the infusion a little more on a low heat, for about 15 minutes. In this way we will obtain all its properties.

Remove from the heat and allow the green coffee to cool slightly. About 20 minutes. To take advantage of all its benefits, it would be appropriate to take Twice throughout the morning , You'll see how good you are.

3. Refreshing coffee with mint

Coffee mint

Why is coffee healthy with mint?

This kind of coffee will do you really well on those mornings when, for example, you get up with headache . It refreshes you, hydrates you, and the combination of the Mint And the coffee rises like a Natural tonic full of antioxidants Great start to the morning.

We also assure you that the taste is tempting, a gift to your palate and your body that will really make you feel good.

How do I prepare my coffee with mint?

  • Prepare you Cup of coffee as usual , Whether machine, espresso or teapot. Whatever you do every morning, it does not matter.
  • Now, prepare a glass of fresh water, where you will drop Two drops of mint essence . You know you can easily find it in supermarkets, as well as in natural stores.
  • Once you have mixed the Fresh water with the essence of mint, Add that cup of coffee you've prepared. Drop two drops of lemon juice and mix by adding two cubes. Sweeten as you wish, this combination is delicious and very very refreshing.

Which one do you prefer? You can combine each morning that you want to start the day, although we recommend that the latter, the mint, you have prepared on those days when, for example, you get up with a headache. It is also a good Snack for mid afternoon.

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