3 indicators that indicate lack of protein in the diet

Food is one of the most important factors in the development of the human being. Such is its relevance in the body that, as included in the diet, will thus give the energy performance in the day to day.

Thus, You could say that food is the fuel of the body. Therefore, the quality of these factors influences the health factor and the efficiency with which things are done.

Within this practice stand out relevant compounds such as Carbohydrates , Lipids and proteins. In this article we will talk about this last group.

The Importance of Protein in Food

Proteins In today's society, the food imbalance is usually common, with a higher intake of protein.

However, due to the change in eating habits , as well There is a deficit in this important compound .

In that order of ideas it is necessary to know what role proteins play in the organism and what their true relevance is:

  • They contribute approximately 15% of the total energy value.
  • They contribute to the formation of bones, muscles, nails, skin and hair.
  • They produce antibodies, so they help treat infections.
  • They help the process of weight loss, thanks to the muscular strengthening.
  • They participate in the production of red blood cells And enzymes.
  • They play an important role in the homeostasis of the organism, in particular, the water present inside it.

Factors that indicate protein deficiency in food

Taking into account the important processes in which proteins are immersed, we must know what are the main indicators of their absence in food.

If you have any of the following factors, it is best to go to a health professional (specifically a nutritionist ) For us to prescribe an appropriate treatment or diet.

1. Easing disease more easily

Sore throat remedy

Of course, The first system to respond to a health threat is the immune system . This is bound up with proteins in a rather broad way.

When this powerful nutrient is not eaten in the diet, it is most likely an antibody deficit: these are protein-based structures.

For this reason, diseases take advantage of the least opportunity to start doing theirs throughout the entire organism.

2. Decreased muscle mass

One of the most relevant and common functions of protein is the manufacture of muscle .

If you go to the gym, one of the first recommendations they will give you is to increase your dietary intake to achieve the goal more quickly (muscle hypertrophy).

At the moment of atrophying the muscles, in a gradual way, it is possible that a problem is occurring as far as the intake of proteins in the feeding.

With the passage of time they will begin to weaken, later the hypertrophy gained decreases considerably.

This, apart from influencing the aesthetic image of the person, also has negative repercussions in terms of health.

Injuries and Cramps Are the first to make an appearance Throughout the body, especially in the upper and lower limbs.

3. Chronic Fatigue


Also known as fatigue, chronic tiredness is one of the main indicators of insufficient protein in the diet.

It is characterized by the Inability of the organization to carry out common activities , Which can be done at any time.

In general terms it is an exhaustion for no apparent reason, which is why, it is usually of concern to whoever suffers.

4. Skin problems

The skin tissues responsible for composing the surface of the skin require a large number of nutrients to perform their basic tasks. Among these protein highlights.

When such a deficiency occurs, the skin has difficulties in creating collagen, keratin and elastins. These are fundamental in everything related to resistance, elasticity or hydration, among others.

In this vein, the hair It is also greatly affected; The hair follicles, formed of proteins, are the most harmed.

This hinders the growth process as well as the strength and strength of each strand.

Lastly, do not satisfy this nutrient in the diet as well Favors the appearance of wrinkles and lines of expression on the face .

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