3 Keys to educating your teenager

Sometimes it is not easy. To educate A teenage son Requires a lot of patience and emotional intelligence, to know how to instill appropriate values ​​and limits where they can grow with maturity and responsibility. We explained how.

Tips for Educating Our Teens


1. Offer you new rights but also duties

Usually, Girls They are always something more precocious, and it is they who, when they reach the age of 11 or 12, begin to make more demands on us. Children Take a little longer to mature. Usually it is about the 13 when, suddenly, and without our knowing how, We become more stubborn, proud Y With reactions we do not understand.

They are growing, they are getting into the world of adults having even child's feet. And it is not easy. Think of them as a little hormonal and personal chaos in which they will have to be defined.

They need learning opportunities, Require more rights and freedoms Without seeing with objectivity if their actions have risks or not.

The best we can do is Maintain a balance with the theme"rights-duties". You can let them go out for the weekend, as long as they have met in school. It is also important that they come home at the appointed time, and should they arrive later, they should lose privileges.

What is important is that every teenager learn that life is full of rules and demands, also for adults, hence they must understand it early. Things"do not fall from the sky"because yes. Adults work to get money to feed us, dress us... live.

We therefore demand that adolescents take responsibility for their studies and their actions. Also remember that if you set Standards, which are fixed . Do not forgive them things one day and another, otherwise they will lose our respect.

2. Educate in positive: before"the reinforcement"that the sanction

There are parents who make the mistake of Punish their adolescent children. Regañinas, discussions, negative reinforcements... You have to maintain a balance. Let us give an example. They suspend a test, they come home with bad grades and we reproach them for how lazy they are and they will never come to anything in this life.

Something like that we can not do it. We will awaken in them negative feelings , Defenselessness and low self-esteem . Ask them what has happened and give them confidence. Tell them that you trust them and that you know they will be able to pass that subject because they have sufficient capacity.

When they make a mistake, show them how they can do better, but do not sink them, do not criticize them. Offers strategies and confidence Instead of constant sanctions. It is the best.

3. Good communication and confidence building

Always look for a time in the day to be with your teenager and ask him how the day has gone. Do not judge them by what they do or do not do. As parents we must ORIENTATE , And this is achieved through constant dialogue and confidence.

Avoid your teenager being the typical guy or girl always in his room, with his computer, his music... That only goes out to eat or stay with his friends. Prevents insulation Fostering activities in common at home since they are very small.

At mealtimes, turn off the television and talk to them . Ask them about their likes, their friends, that boy they like, for that girl.. encourage them to share things with you in peace.

Ideally they should know that they have support in you, never an enemy that only sanctions or criticizes and does not help.

Listen to them, Oréntales, I know his father, his mother and also his friend . Set limits when you need to And offers rights when they, with their maturity and responsibility, prove it to you.


To conclude, we know that educating teenage children is not easy, that none of us has the perfect manual. However, we assure you that with optimism, love and will, we can form mature and responsible people capable of being autonomous in their life.

Happy people Who know that in order to get things you have to make an effort, that to have good friends and a couple you have to know how to respect and understand . Emotional Intelligence is always a good perspective on which we can base ourselves.

Conclude by saying something also important: it is necessary that both the father and the mother, agree on the education of children. Same values ​​and same purposes .

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