3 simple hair straightening tricks: Try them!

Clear out The hair In a simple and natural way? If possible. Either because we want to change"look"or, simply, because we want to try another option, these tricks will come really well in your day to day. Not only will you get a slightly softer hair color, but you will also take care of it and look brighter. Do we try them today?

1. Rinse the hair with chamomile

How to Treat Oily Hair

First of all we must point out that through these natural tricks , your hair You will not get a blonde tonality if, for example, you are brunette. What we get Is to clarify a little your tone, Which looks brighter and with a somewhat lower color. If you are light brown you can get a more golden hue, for example.

Clarifying this first aspect, we will point out to you now that The chamomile Is the most used resource to clarify The hair . In addition, to enhance its natural properties, We will add lemon.

Lemon is the most effective element to lighten our mane, but in the long run I dry some hair . That's why we combine it with chamomile, because we protect it much better. And how we do it? Very easy. Heat two glasses of water and add two bags of chamomile tea. When it gets to a boil, take it to the refrigerator.

Once cold, add the juice of half a lemon. We will apply it to damp hair with A vaporizer. Allow 20 minutes to act, then wash with your usual shampoo and a good conditioner to keep you hydrated. Do we do it twice a week? You'll see how good you are!

2. Rinse the hair with an egg, beer and lemon mask

To discolor hair

Another excellent choice. Worth applying biweekly . As you can see, we will use the lemon again, since, as you know, it is excellent for lowering a tonality in our hair and lighten it naturally. But do not use it alone: ​​lemon has astringent properties that in the long run can damage your hair. Watch out!

So we will help with other ingredients that, besides helping us to clarify the color a little, Provide us with nutrition, shine and silky. Beer and the egg Are simply perfect.

How do we do it? Take note:

  • We will beat the clear to the point of snow (only the clear).
  • Once ready, add half a glass of Beer but no alcohol.
  • Stir well and add the juice of half a lemon.
  • Next step? Apply this mixture in your Wet hair By means of a massage. Allow it to act for 20 minutes, then wash your hair normally and then use a good conditioner. You will see how your hair shines and how, little by little, you see it a little clearer.

3. Rinse your hair with honey, lemon and apple cider vinegar

Hair dyes

You will love this option. It's easy and you get Great results you will observe day by day . Once again, the lemon will not miss us. We will combine it with two excellent elements to treat and lighten the hair. Do not miss the guidelines we must follow:

  • Heat a glass of water and add Two tablespoons of honey.
  • Once it has boiled, drop two tablespoons of Apple vinegar And the juice of half a lemon.
  • Stir well and bring this prepared to your refrigerator. Let it cool for a few minutes and apply on your wet hair.
  • You can use A vaporizer To make it easier for you. Apply with a massage and let it act, again, for 20 minutes.
  • The next thing we will do is wash our hair normally using a cream Moisturizer or conditioner . The result is exceptional.

In conclusion. We point out once again that if your hair is very dark, you will not get a light brown, for example. These tricks attenuate the color and reduce it, but They will not completely change the tonality . Used regularly will make you have more flashes, reflect a lighter light and look more beautiful.

Also tell yourself that you should Be careful with lemon And never use it alone. Very dry hair. It is better to combine it with the elements that we have indicated and always finish the washing with some moisturizing cream that acts like protector.

And how many times a week can we use those simple tricks? About twice a week. Something easy and effective with what you will be able to lighten your hair and see you with that shade so Attractive and refreshing That many times we like to look in our hair. You dare?

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