4 Benefits of Alkaline Water

The pH of the water varies depending on its origin. Water from a natural spring usually has a less acidic pH than the one we usually consume.

Because of this, several specialists say that Alkaline water helps to neutralize the acid in the blood allowing better oxygenation, increased energy and Acceleration of metabolism , among other things. Read on and discover the benefits of alkaline water.

Antioxidant Properties

Alkaline water has antioxidant properties that help decrease the free radicals in your body. These free radicals make you look bigger than you really are because they facilitate the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes. Antioxidants are present in the body in liquid form allowing for faster absorption in the system. When consuming alkaline water, the amount of antioxidants absorbed increases considerably, avoiding the aging And diseases of all kinds.

Cleans the body from within

By our diet and consumption habits it is not uncommon that from time to time it is advisable to do a detoxification of our organs, particularly the colon and liver. If you do not make sure you clean the colon you can experience several problems caused by accumulated toxins.

Cold water

Alkaline water regulates the digestive process and reduces problems of constipation . A detoxified body will be less susceptible to attack by viruses and bacteria. Even the most common as the flu are less likely to attack a body free of toxic elements.

Advantages for the skin

Another benefit of the Alkaline water is that it rejuvenates your skin and keeps it moisturized . This water helps eliminate toxins, improves elasticity and makes the skin healthier. If your skin is dry, looks tired and opaque, you will also see a great improvement with alkaline water .

While this can be improved with a good diet, balanced pH ensures that nutrients are absorbed more effectively. That is, you will look younger and your skin will be soft, beautiful and free of imperfections.

Other Benefits of Alkaline Water


Alkaline water also Lubricates Muscles Evitand Or common injuries or tears of the exercise and intense activities . If you live with a disease like arthritis, you will find that the pains and discomforts are greatly reduced. Your heart also benefits because it can work properly with less force.

Some Things You Should Know About Alkaline Water

1. What is pH?

It is the unit with which we measure the acidity or neutrality of any liquid. When a liquid has pH less than 7 it is acidic. Liquids having a pH equal to or greater than 7 are alkaline and pure water is too close to this number.

2. How much alkaline water can I consume?

Since it is a totally natural product, there is no problem in consuming the two liters of water we need if it is alkaline. This is very good if you have deficiencies of calcium and magnesium because alkaline water has the correct measure of these minerals.

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