4 dinners to combat constipation naturally

Constipation is a very annoying health problem that can lead to long-term illness if we do not treat it properly. However, we should avoid laxatives that irritate the intestines and are also detrimental to the damage they cause to the bacterial flora.

In this article we propose to resolve constipation in the most natural way. These dinners are very healthy and also facilitate intestinal transit. Try them!

Why the dinners?

Dinners are especially important to combat constipation and you can easily check it out.

He liver Is closely related to the intestine, whereas dinner is the most influential food in the liver, an organ that regenerates in the early hours of the night. Thus, If we eat light and early we will already be taking a very positive step to combat constipation . And if, in addition, we choose foods that are favorable for the proper functioning of the liver and intestine, surely the next morning we will notice the benefits.

Baked eggplant with tomato and mozzarella

Eggplant water

The eggplant , Besides having a delicious flavor, is a vegetable rich in cellulose, a component that favors intestinal transit. In addition, thanks to its high water content, it is a very satiating and beneficial food in cases of hypertension and cholesterol.

A very healthy, light and simple way to cook the eggplant is baked , But we must leave it at rest with water and salt for at least one hour.

In this recipe we propose to make it even more succulent by combining it with crushed tomato and a little mozzarella. It will suffice with a thin layer of cheese to make this dish irresistible.

We suggest you dress it with oregano and basil.

Cream of pumpkin seeds

The pumpkin Is very rich in fiber and also helps us to remove excess fluids from our body, making it the ideal choice if we usually feel swollen, both from constipation and from fluid retention.

The classic recipe for pumpkin is to prepare a cream, as its thick and consistent texture allows us to make this simple dish in a short time.

We can dress it with olive oil and a little sea water, two foods that will also improve the function of the liver and intestines.

Finally, we propose that you add a few pumpkin seeds to the cream, not only because they are very nutritious, but also because they are a Excellent remedy to prevent and combat intestinal parasites , Which can also cause constipation.

Cream of avocado with flax seeds

There are days when we do not feel like cooking at night, but we do not want to stop eating healthy. A quick and appetizing option is to make a cream of avocado, as a guacamole but with a softer flavor and suitable for the night.

Avocado is rich in protein, vitamins, essential fatty acids and soluble and insoluble fiber, nutrients that favor intestinal motility .

To prepare this cream we only have to crush the avocado with a fork and add some condiments, such as crushed or powdered garlic, olive oil, apple cider vinegar and a little salt. We will also add some linen , Which are an ancient remedy for those who suffer from constipation.

We will accompany this cream with whole wheat bread or brown rice pancakes.

Alpha pumpkin cream

Courgettes stuffed with brown rice

He zucchini Is a vegetable rich in mucilage, a type of fiber with emollient properties (softeners) on the apparatus that Helps to deflate mucous membranes that are so easily affected by poor diet.

It also has slightly laxative effects, making it ideal for treating constipation and also for people who, in general, suffer from digestive disorders.

In this recipe we propose to use the variety of courgettes that are rather round, although you can also use the elongated variety and cut it transversally.

As with eggplant, we can also bake them, and in this case we will empty them and fill them with Brown rice, a very nutritious cereal rich in minerals and fiber that will make this dish a very balanced dinner.

We suggest you dress it with some homemade salsa.

Stuffed courgettes Luca Nebuloni

Images courtesy of Luca Nebuloni, alpha and Vidya Crawley.

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