4 homemade anti-acne masks

Skins that suffer acne Require specific care to remove excess sebum and dead skin cells and toxins, while requiring products that purify and disinfect.

In this article we share 4 fantastic face masks Which you can prepare at home in a simple way and with totally natural ingredients. Forget chemicals, which are too aggressive in the long run, and discover the great benefits of these ingredients.

How do they work?

Natural face masks to combat acne Must be applied once a week . If we have very fat skin we can apply even twice.

  • We will wash the face thoroughly and perform a gentle exfoliation with a little salt or sugar, massaging our skin in circles. We will insist on the most fatty areas, but we will avoid scratching the skin where there is acne.
  • We will rinse the skin again with water and do it well.
  • Apply the mask avoiding the eye contour and let it act for 20 minutes.
  • Next, we will wash and dry the face, and immediately apply a moisturizing lotion that is not fat. We can use, for example, jojoba oil or coconut oil which, although they have an oily texture, are the least fatty we can find.
  • If our skin is excessively fat we will only apply a little natural aloe vera.

Aloe vera and lemon

He aloe vera Is a plant well known for its Moisturizing and healing properties . They usually sell their gel in pharmacies and herbalists, but we recommend having the plant at home, and so we can get it directly by cutting one of its leaves when we need it.

We must peel the penca and extract the gelatinous mass, which we will wash well to clean other irritants between the penca and the gel.

For this mask too We will use lemon, as it has great cleansing, purifying and eliminating excess fat .

How do we prepare it?

  • We will mix the natural aloe vera gel with lemon juice. We can also use skin grating if the lemon is organic.
  • Shake the ingredients well, adding more lemon juice or more aloe until you get the proper consistency for the mask.

Limestone grating Emily Barney

Green clay

The clay Is a miracle remedy used since antiquity to extract toxins from our body and at the same time provide minerals. We can use it both in cosmetics and in health, to relieve pain and inflammation. Formerly the clay was used directly, since this one was clean, but nowadays we recommend to buy it in any herbalist or parapharmacy.

Clay is very effective in combating acne, because Helps us extract the harmful substances that cause acne and at the same time reduces their inflammation .

How do we prepare it?

  • We will mix the powdered green clay with lukewarm water. Add it little by little, until you get a spreadable texture that does not drip easily.
  • We will use glass, wood or ceramic utensils, and we will avoid plastic and metal.

Masque Clay The Style PA

Yogurt and tea tree

This mask is Ideal for mixed or oily skin with impurities or acne , Thanks to its two ingredients.

He yoghurt Moisturizes the skin without giving it fat, which is why it is ideal to not dry the mixed skins and also to cool the skin in times of heat.

On the other hand, tea tree essential oil has been recommended in the last decades to combat all kinds of infections.

The proportions for this mask will be 15 drops of essential oil for a natural unsweetened yogurt, sweeteners or coloring agents .

Brewer's yeast and egg white

This curious mask combines the virtues of two foods that are very beneficial for all types of skins, especially those that have a tendency to accumulate fat.

The beer yeast Helps us to purify the toxins that accumulate in the skin And is rich in minerals such as silicon, essential for a young and firm complexion.

On the other hand, the Egg white provides firmness while reducing excess sebum .

How do we prepare it?

  • Mix both ingredients until you get the right texture.

The yolk of the egg will not be used in this case, but we emphasize that its use in mask is ideal for dry skin.
Images courtesy of Emily Barney and The Style PA

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