4 Tips to Beat Discouragement and Sadness

There are days, when we get up without strength. No mood to face the day. These are moments in which embraces us the sadness And drowns us with his cloak of weakness. Do not let that happen. Today in our space we give you 4 tips that will help you.

1. I accept discouragement... But I force him to leave

Accept to assume. And assume to win. A simple rule of three that is worth understanding to apply in our day to day. Psychologists and psychiatrists tell us that the time of day when sadness or discouragement usually overwhelms us is in the morning.

These are moments when we feel weak and without motivation to get out of bed. We must be careful not to let ourselves be trapped by this sensation. We give you some Basic keys

  • When you open your eyes and wake up, you remember what hurts you or discourages you.
  • That morning"down"forces us to get out of bed with The energy needed.
  • What you should do when you see that"wall"in your mind is to first recognize that you are not well. We know there is a problem. Something that saddens you, that takes away your strength. Are you going to beat him by staying in bed? Absolutely.
  • Be aware that the last thing you should do is let yourself be trapped by those negative thoughts. Sadness wins Little by little and with small daily achievements: get out of bed and make up enough for you to look beautiful before the mirror. Recognize that you are worth much that sadness , And that life is to live it, not to mourn or surrender.
  • You know there are things that make you sad, but open the window and let them go slowly to allow you to breathe better.


2. Look for the illusion in your day to day

Today may be cloudy. Threaten storm and do not feel like anything. But do we earn something by staying home and seeing how it rains?

Absolutely. It does not matter that the sky is black, that today you have more dark circles than yesterday in your face. Or that you do not have next to that person that before I made you happy. It is time to seek new illusions, to undertake new projects. Illusion lights up every day Through small ideas that can lead us in turn, to great possibilities.

  • When you wake up, think of something you would like to do today. Stroll through the park, go shopping. Call that friend you have not seen for some time. Buy you a book new. Try a new haircut or sign up for that course that interests you so much.
  • Any change you make today, will be a new bridge built towards your tomorrow's happiness. It's worth a try.


3. The importance of"knowing how to let go"

Surely you know what we mean by"letting go". People pass cycles, stages. Moments in our life where we are united to some people. Later, we distance ourselves, and start a new cycle.

There are those who do not assume such ends: the rupture of a relationship, the loss of a relative, leaving a city, a job, a friendship...

Life is a continuous change, and as such, we have to assume that sometimes we must put aside the past to look to the future. And that costs, no doubt. Get rid of who We loved until a little ago or. It is difficult to leave behind memories to look at tomorrow in another way.

How to get it then? How to let go? What we had or had yesterday? With courage, with illusion and with good self-esteem. Think that life is like a great room full of doors that you can look out for.

Do not get stuck in a trunk of memories. Adómate to those doors of hope.

4. Renew yourself, love yourself

Life is change, and sadness becomes much more dangerous if we remain still. If we stay home without leaving, not wanting to talk to anyone. Searching The shelter of tears .

Avoid it, every effort to overcome hopelessness will undoubtedly free us from falling into A depression We must realize that we all deserve to be happy, and you are the first.

Renounce with new projects. Search for yourself and discover what you have always set out to do, and that you never dared to do. A trip of your own? Looking for work in another city? To live is to assume challenges, it takes courage to overcome sadness. And we assure you that you can do it too.

Because you deserve it, do not hesitate.


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