4 tips to get kids to love reading

Are you passionate about the Books and reading ? Nothing can be more enriching and stimulating. Nothing more instructive and at the same time full of values. What if We infuse in our children this same passion ? We offer you 4 tips that are sure to be useful.

1. Be an example for the little ones

If you want your children Begin the world of reading and books, nothing better than serve as a model. If from a very young age they see that the books are read and appreciated at home, they will see it as something natural and not as an imposition that is marked from school. Arrive home and see us calmly with A book in the hands will incite your curiosity . It is always good to involve children in those principles that we want them to assume because they are good for them.

Let them come to them, always speak to them of what you read, suggest to them all that they bring you: knowledge , Entertainment, laughter, pleasure, freedom. It is clear that in this modern world the technologies command much: Tablets, mobile phones , Computers, but if they see us since coming to the world Always with a book in hand, On the sofa, at the head of the bed or on the shelves, will be something natural and close to them. Do not hesitate to take bookshops and libraries from very small. The important thing is to stimulate them.

Children reading

2. Freedom to choose readings, never impose them

Choosing a book is something very personal. It is a world of our own that should interest us and seduce us. When children are in school they always complain about those boring readings that they impose on them. We, since they are small, will open them A whole world of possibilities. Show them that there are books of adventure, books of terror, mystery and romanticism. In them they can find new worlds that will entertain them almost more than a movie, almost more than a videogame.

But remember, we must start very early, since they acquire Literacy skills . We must guide them to that discovery. Sometimes graphic novels and even comics are very effective. The drawings are always attractive for children, they can gradually alternate between comics and books, becoming more selective with what they like. But never impose them, Freedom of choice Is the best way to get closer to reading. For pleasure, out of curiosity...

3. Organize your time throughout the day

We must be careful. There are children who spend too much time in front of computer screens and even tablets or mobile phones. It is not good to abuse, it is not appropriate that they bow before a video game than a book. Everything must have its balance. The important thing, in the first place, will be their academic obligation, their duties and their studies. Then it is just as important Leisure time, play , Interaction with other children.

Ideally, the children, by themselves, would look for their reading moments. But we can begin to introduce it an hour before going to sleep. Next to them, we sit on the bed and read a chapter. It is relaxing and at the same time stimulating. From an early age we shared that moment of complicity so special with them. Later, as they grow up, they must look for their own book and their own reading instants. Always at liberty, always with the themes they want. The important thing is to guide them since they are small. By showing them how stimulating it is for us to read and the world of pleasure and knowledge that can bring us.


4. Stimulate, answer, answer your questions

As you know, having a child requires a Big responsibility . It is a great adventure where every day is going to demand a lot from us. Children are full of questions and questions they want to know. Sometimes we go in a hurry, we have many obligations and we do not have much time to attend to all those questions that every day we do the little ones.

Occasionally, some of these questions hardly have an adequate answer, children only seek our attention and satisfy their curiosity. But it is important that you always be there to take care of them, to suggest books where they are Those answers. To give them that novel or that story that can serve as an example for what they are looking for.

If little by little we stop answering your questions, there will come a day when we will no longer be looking for ourselves, that they will no longer ask us and that, simply, Prefer to go to a computer . Do not allow it, get it Always value human contact To technologies, which, while very useful, can never replace people or even books.


The reading It's a great value Which we must infuse into them from an early age. Do not hesitate!

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