5 Dinners to help you sleep and rest better

At night we should choose foods that help to relax after the day, especially if we have difficulty falling asleep or rest well. However, we often eat dishes that activate or give us energy, which could be very healthy but at other times of the day.

In this article we teach you to choose the most suitable ingredients for your dinner and we make some light suggestions, satiating and delicious so that later you sleep without problems.

Previous Tips

Before suggesting some recipes we make some general recommendations that are valid for everyone:

  • Avoid sugars and foods high in sugars , As is the case of some fruits (peach, melon, apricot, etc.)
  • Avoid citrus , Which are excellent in the morning but instead at night we can unveil. The only exception is the grapefruit , But taking it a while before or after dinner.
  • Limit Starches and Flours : Cereals and flour (bread, pasta, etc.), starches (potato, banana)
  • Reduce fried and precooked foods to the maximum.
  • Avoid stimulant foods : Coffee, cocoa, cola.
  • Opt for fish or egg Than for the meat or sausage.
  • Do not mix too many different foods At dinner (eg meat and fish).
  • Do not dine too much or too late. Ideally, do not fill yourself completely and have dinner before 8 in the afternoon.
  • Do not drink too much liquids After dinner to avoid having to go to the bathroom.
  • Do not eat too fast . If you tend to be very hungry, try to eat a fruit for a while before dinner and just before you start eating you can drink a glass of water.

Green gazpacho

Green vegetables give us large amounts of Magnesium, an essential mineral to regulate our nervous system and also to get a good relaxation of our entire muscular system , Which is usually loaded with tensions after the day.

For this gazpacho we will well beat the following ingredients:

  • Raw spinach
  • Arugula
  • A little parsley
  • Avocado
  • Olive oil
  • Apple vinager
  • Sea salt

The quantities will depend on our personal taste. We will serve you cold.

Green juice floridecires

Cream of zucchini, oats and wakame

The oats Is a very nutritious cereal but we can take it in small measure at night, since Also helps us regulate our nervous system and fight anxiety states . It will suffice to add a tablespoon of oatmeal in flakes for each serving. In addition, it will give a lot of creaminess to the recipe.

He zucchini We add it for being very light, since Has a very low calorie content and yet is very satiating thanks to its fiber content.

He Seaweed wakame , Rich in minerals, will also provide creaminess, to avoid adding dairy to the cream.

Cream vegetables Jack Letourneau

Pepper omelette and mushrooms

Eating some protein at dinner is healthy as long as it is not difficult to digest. The egg is the ideal choice as it is nutritious and contains a healthy amount of beneficial fats.

The egg allows us to make all kinds of scrambles and tortillas, and in this case we propose to combine it with peppers and mushrooms for a delicious recipe.

We will accompany the tortilla with some salad and avoid eating it with bread or other flours.

Grilled artichokes with grated egg

Artichokes are very healthy and at night Have the virtue of improving the function of our liver, An organ that regenerates in the early hours of the morning.

We can cook them to soften them and later, to cook them to the plate with olive oil and raw garlic.

In addition, to make it a complete dish we can season it with grated hard-boiled egg.

Artichokes therecetasdecadadia

Cream of peas and brown rice

Creams are the best choice at dinner, because being nutritious, satiating and taking hot promotes a good rest.

In this cream we propose to use Peas, which are the most digestive legume and cause less flatulence. In addition, if we combine them with brown rice, rich in vitamins and minerals, we will get a good dose of vegetable protein that will be very well assimilated by our organism.

Images courtesy of Jack Letourneau, the decadadadadadadia and floridecires

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