5 home remedies for dermatitis

Skin problems Are not only an aesthetic issue, as they are exposing an internal health problem Which may be related to digestive, hormonal, allergic, etc.

Further, Conventional treatments are not always effective .

In this article we will provide you with some Natural remedies and home remedies that will allow you to treat dermatitis while balancing your body .

All dermatitis

Dermatitis encompasses all types of skin inflammations, and Includes pathologies such as atopic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, etc.

Those who suffer from these dermatological problems know how annoying they are, To what extent condition their quality of life and how difficult it is to cure them .

For this reason it is fundamental Address dermatitis at the internal and external levels .

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Natural and respectful skin care

Take care of the skin in a natural way and respecting its natural pH Is as important as following the natural remedies we propose in this article.

If we have delicate skin we should avoid using conventional products , As they contain too aggressive substances, such as parabens, detergents or petroleum derivatives.

We can Prepare our own products at home Or buy those that are of ecological or artisanal quality.

Only with this change in our routine of hygiene and cosmetics We can see a great improvement in a short time .

Blue Chromotherapy

Health problems that cause inflammation, such as dermatitis in this case, are related to the color red. The color opposite to red is The blue, with anti-inflammatory properties, as shown by the techniques of healing through color (Chromotherapy).

In this sense, there is a curious and surprising ancient remedy for To improve the inflammation of the skin using the healing virtues of the blue .

1. We will need A blue glass vessel , Which we fill with water.

2 . We will expose it to the sun For at least 2 hours.

3. We will take one glass (200 ml) Half an hour before each of the three main meals .

Susanvg blue bottle


In the sea we also find the blue color, but above all Marine water gives us all the minerals we need In the proportions necessary for our organism. In addition, the Sea water is Antiinflammatory, alkalizing and depurative .

With the help of a wipe Moistened with sea water, we will clean the affected skin And let dry naturally. We will do it when we wake up in the morning and before bed.



Another great remedy that we can apply externally on the skin is the oats , A highly recommended medicinal cereal for normal use and consumption Thanks to its excellent nutritional values.

If we suffer dermatitis in an important part of the body we recommend To make a bath with oats .


  • We will feed 500 grams of oats in flakes for 3 minutes and, later, We'll beat the mix well .
  • The result will be A thick oat milk to be added to the water in the bath .
  • For smaller areas of skin or to complete this bath, We can make an oatmeal sponge Introducing the raw flakes of this cereal into a porous cloth, type chiffon, which we tie with a loop.
  • When we introduce it in hot water, The oats will be undone by the gentle massage and will release particles On our skin.

Medicinal infusions

Infusions made with medicinal plants are also an excellent complement to this natural treatment, since They act in an internal way without altering the balance of the skin.

These plants are depurative and Help us eliminate toxins Which are interfering with dermal health:

  • Horse tail
  • Sarsaparilla
  • Nettle

We can take Two or three cups a day and combine Or alternate between them.

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Beer yeast

beer yeast

The beer yeast Has so many beneficial properties for health that we can take it as Daily supplement to prevent diseases and balance and strengthen the body .

In addition to being a very nutritious and regulating food, Beer yeast is a great cleansing of the skin Which is recommended mainly in cases of dermatitis.

  • We can take it In tablets or powder , Mixing it with a smoothie, juice or yogurt.
  • If we take it along with the meals We will improve the assimilation of its nutrients .
  • Some brands sell it desamargada To soften its flavor.
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