5 ideas to decorate your baby's room

Decorating your baby's room is one of the most stimulating experiences of pregnancy . However, for some future mothers it may represent another concern, only if they let themselves be carried away by beliefs and conventions that have nothing to do with facilitating the care of a newborn.

There are two variables that are fundamental to start this task. The first thing is know how much space is counted and what is the budget . And the second, to be clear about what we are going to use the room for.

The latter is not as obvious as it seems. And is that The decoration of the room will vary depending on whether you plan for the baby to sleep in your room or if you have decided on the co-sleeping . In the first case, you necessarily need a cradle; in the second, it is an expense that you can save yourself.

Let's go to your baby's room!

If you already have the space clear, the budget to allocate and the utility you will give to your baby's room; Here we leave you 5 recommendations to awaken creativity, without losing sight of the functionality and comfort you need to care for your newborn.

The cradle

6 ways to decorate the baby's room

A crib should offer safety and comfort , both for the baby and for those who assume the responsibility of caring for it. The crib you select for your baby's room should have:

  • Wheels to move the crib easily.
  • Two or more positions to adapt the crib as the baby grows .
  • Multifunctionality, that is, that can be converted into a bed once the baby grows.

Another option is that you decide for a cradle of co-sleeping to put it next to your bed . In this case, for the baby's room, you can select at once the bed to be used later or put a mattress on the floor. In this way, the baby can move easily, without risks of falling.

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Other furniture

You can decide on a changer. Someone will tell you that you can change your baby in bed. Indeed, it is so. The difference is that If you opt for a wall changer that you can adapt to your height, your back will thank you to the extent that the baby gain weight and are many times that you change it a day.

If your option is not co-sleeping, it is good to include a rocking chair, a sofa or an extra bed , While the baby gets used to sleeping alone. If you do not have much space it can be complicated; but you need an additional piece of furniture to rest at night, while the little one stops crying and goes back to sleep.

As much as possible, do not include more furniture than necessary. Avoid filling the room with useless objects and spending too much . It is important that you have space to move around and easily access the things you need to care for the baby.


Lilac baby room.

Baskets and trunks are always useful . Also, you can use boxes you decorate with the motive of the room. They will be used to organize the baby's lingerie and toys. In a short time, your little one will have more toys than you imagine, and from very early, you will be able to teach him to keep them after playing.

A chest of drawers with several drawers is essential to have baby clothes on hand. As well, the diaper organizers are very functional to have these within reach.

Motives and colors

Beyond the classic blue or pink, the basic recommendation is that you select combinations of colors that take advantage of the amount of light available in the room. Important: keep in mind that the colors affect the mood and emotions , even babies.

As well, You can encourage the room to"grow"with your baby . By this we mean that you select motives and colors that are easy to change or adapt to when your child already knows what he likes most and can then decide, without implying a total remodeling of the room.

The walls

Ideas for twins room.

When you have a small room for your baby's room, you have to use the walls. Shelves and racks are great allies . Stuffed animals, diapers, baskets, books, can go on shelves. You can even place them within reach of your child so he can take the toys for himself.

Having a wall or placing a slate vinyl for your child to paint, as well as being useful and decorative, will help you to awaken your creativity. The slates are an extraordinary recreational and pedagogical resource in a small room.

You can start by leaving a wall so your baby can intervene with colorful paintings; As you grow, you can transform it into a blackboard.

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Do not leave the decoration of your baby's room for the last weeks of pregnancy. Work with time. Prevents the newborn from reaching a room that still smells like fresh paint . Also, do not let the responsibility of decorating your child's room lead you to experience the call nest syndrome , a situation that affects many mothers at the end of pregnancy.

Nor does it make sense that you start organizing the room too early. Overcome the discomfort of the first trimester of pregnancy, takes advantage of the tranquility that the second quarter offers to decide how will your baby's room be .

Final reflection

In addition to awakening creativity, prepare your baby's room is a very pleasant activity that will allow you to advance in the connection with your child, so take advantage and have fun!

Your baby's room is the first place where you will relate to the world . Ask yourself then: What is the message you want to convey? Give your child the opportunity to have a room where he can enjoy, play and to learn .

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