5 lighting errors at home

Lighting is a fundamental aspect in all environments of the house. Both in the interiors and in the garden, having good lights will highlight any decoration; otherwise, we could lose everything invested in this aspect. Pay attention to these typical lighting errors in the home and make sure you are not committing any.

Many times, no matter how much we invest and strive, we can not improve the lighting in a room. In these cases, we usually win the impatience and, usually, we direct the blame towards the lights themselves and their manufacturers.

However, there are other factors that we must take into account. Planning the lighting for any space in our house is not just about buying some lights and now; it goes way beyond this.

It is a comprehensive strategy that must also include furniture, doors, windows and other accessories. If we do not think about them, we will most likely fall into one of these lighting errors at home.

The 5 most common lighting errors in the home

1.- Use too intense lights

Contrary to what we might think, There are not a few people who complain about having excessively lit rooms. This gives the feeling of being on top of a stage or a set of TV .

The reasons why this occurs are often the placement of too strong ceiling lights or the use of many sources of lighting unnecessarily.

The advisable thing, in fact, is to use soft white bulbs in all the rooms. It is also possible, of course, to install intensity regulators and thus choose the appropriate one according to each moment.

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On the other hand, do not abuse the luminaires on the roof. Rather, place one or two and complement them with floor or table lamps.

There are different types of lights for the house.

2.- Ill-located light switches

A fundamental aspect of all lighting is, logically, where to turn it on. With respect to this detail, there are certain"standards"or conventions for the placement of the switches.

For example, these should be placed approximately one meter from the ground. In addition, they should also be placed at -more or less- 5 centimeters from the entrance door to the room . Surely you have ever entered a room and you have not found the switch; You will know, then, that this is very annoying.

3.- Do not plan to take advantage of natural light

Although it is very important to place the lights that are needed, so is taking advantage of sunlight. In that sense, it is advisable to locate the windows in an easterly direction, at least in the living room and the kitchen. In that way, we will have natural lighting to ventilate and heating during the mornings and midday.

Likewise, there are also other complements that can help to obtain revenue from sunbeams:

  • Place mirrors .
  • Put skylights in those rooms where we can not place windows, such as the bathroom.
  • Paint with light colors , which reflect light better.
  • Do not place furniture that obstruct the entry of the sun's rays.
  • Solar light tubes: These collect sunlight with a capsule located on the roof of the house. Then, they redirect it inwards; They are excellent for the living rooms and the kitchen.

4.- Do not consider the temperature of light

Not everything is about intensity or location. We must also consider the tones of the luminaires we choose.

The general rule indicates that the cold or white tonalities are the best for those spaces in which we perform tasks. For example: the kitchen, the living room, the study -in case you work at home- or the reading corner, wherever you place it.

On the other hand, Warm lights - those with a yellowish or orange tone - are adequate to promote relaxation in an environment. Because of this reason, they are the best for bedrooms .

Lighting is essential in a house.

5.- Locate the lamps at an incorrect height

Nobody is comfortable having the lamp too close, with danger of even hitting it, nor too high, so that the light is lost until it reaches us. It is advisable to attend to this detail and find the exact measurement.

If, on the other hand, you opt for the recessed lights, it is an excellent alternative. However, you should not abuse them; Doing so could cause your roof to look more like a gruyer cheese than a properly used space.

Lighting errors at home are often involuntary. Nevertheless, It is important to know them beforehand so that you do not have to make too important corrections in the future. With these recommendations, you can maximize its usefulness and, not least, enhance the decoration you chose for your home.

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