5 natural remedies to drain

How many times have you come home with a very full belly or swollen ankles? The Problems to drain Are a very common reality between us.

In fact, we see it almost every day when we lose the venous return capacity and consequently, We are more heavy on our legs . Discover these simple tips to avoid it.

Why do we usually have trouble draining?

Fluid retention is the main daily problem faced by women. Problems to drain that cause annoyance cellulitis , Those clusters of fat that They draw on our thighs the orange skin .

Important to know that many times the origin is in a Blockage of the lymphatic system, Where the lymphatic fluid in the arms and legs does not run properly. It accumulates, it makes us swell. And we must be careful, because in the long run it can even cause Inflammation of a lymph node.

Problems with drainage may also be due to hormonal changes During the period of menstruation Or pre-menstruation, and also, of course, to An inadequate diet, poor quality of life where there is little exercise , Certain medications and harmful habits such as tobacco.

1. Fennel


Of the apiaceous family. You can find it in many shops and markets, a herb with a lot of smell that is used to flavor and to make tasty infusions. And this is what we are going to do, a simple infusion but combined With anise . It is wonderful for To stimulate the drainage, to avoid retentions, to improve our digestions and to avoid gases.

2. Green tea


We love green tea. For its flavor, its benefits, its great medicinal properties . This natural antioxidant is an excellent diuretic that allows to drain, accelerates our metabolism, improves our digestions and facilitates the lowering of blood sugar level. You can take it in infusion or in capsules, you will do very well.

3. Healthy cherries


Cherries are a natural treasure Rich in water and in vitamins of group B. Thanks to its high amount of flavonoids and their potassium salts, they are excellent for increasing the volume of urine . They are good for drainage and excellent if you suffer from tired legs. Not forgetting that cherries are adequate to combat problems of cystitis and help eliminate kidney stones. How to resist?

4. Pineapple

Pineapple Has 85% water, lots of fiber, vitamins and rich minerals that allow us to drain very properly. Another of its properties resides in its proteolytic enzymes, in bromelina, extranasa and ananasa. They are enzymes that improve digestion, assimilation and absorption of nutrients and blood circulation.

To consume pineapple is going help to Reduce cellulite Thanks to which it destroys the protein fibers of those zones affected by orange skin, removing the fatty tissues. It is magnificent, tasty and very nutritious.

5. The ponytail

Horse tail

You can find ponytails at natural stores and pharmacies. It is very rich in minerals, such as organic silicon, which improves the strength of the skin and repairs the connective tissue, stimulating healing.

We must also remember that it is one of the most effective natural diuretics , In fact, tell us the experts in herbal medicine that can increase up to 30% the amount of our urine. It's great to always have her at home.

It helps us to drain and serves us as well as a good vitamin supplement In those days when we are somewhat lower in energy. Will you keep it in mind? It is worthwhile to make an infusion a day.

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