5 personal growth phrases you should apply in your day to day

Personal growth. In this vital dimension for the human being concentrates our project of life, our dreams, what we want to achieve or what we aspire to be. People grow day by day on the basis of successes, but also failures, and we have to learn everything.

Now, sometimes we have the feeling that every thing around us are walls or wires with thorns that prevent us from being able to advance, To grow inwardly with health and with certainty L. There are times in our lives when it is not easy to keep growing, either because of certain toxic relationships or because we are not properly managing our emotions.

It is important that you take these phrases into account to find you better. To live with balance and enhance our personal growth. Think of them and put them into practice.

1. I will not let them cut my wings

What are your values? What Dreams Are they the ones that have always defined you? At times, and without our realizing it, a day arrives in which everything in what you believe is broken. Whether it's because of other people's influence or because you've entered a rhythm of life where you no longer have time for anything, you realize that you hardly recognize yourself.

What is happening?

  • It is the others who mark what you must do in each moment, what is expected of you. There are times when Our partners or even our Family Are those who"cut the wings"of our personal growth. Do not let that happen.
  • At other times, you fall into a rhythm of life full of pressures where you hardly have time left for yourself. All are obligations, pressures, stress... You fall into a circle that you do not know how to get out. How to grow personally amid these pressures? Keep that in mind.

2. Errors are necessary to grow personally

To be happy (1)

What would become of us if we did not make mistakes? Possibly we would be robots, machines without emotions that lack opportunities of learning and that, simply, respond according to the programming that they have received.

You are not a machine and you are not perfect, and that is good. We must give ourselves the opportunity to make mistakes, to start projects that are not successful, to live relationships that do not end well... Because all this will teach you many things to improve and grow personally, so you can have second chances where, this time, to be successful.

Do not sink to a failure: take it, understand it and then let go suffering To stay with learning.

3. I will live with harmony


It may seem like something indefinite. What do we mean by"living with harmony"? Take note of every aspect, sure that you understand immediately:

  • People must act according to our beliefs, values ​​and feelings. If someone forces you to do something you do not want, it will go against the principle of living in harmony.
  • Harmonize your body with your emotions . If you feel angry, shout. If you feel hurt, Cries . That is to say, there are people who hide their emotions pretending that nothing happens to them, that everything is well. All this, in the long term, causes serious emotional and health problems. Always act with harmony according to your feelings.

4. I will listen to me every day

Happy woman

Surely you are accustomed to hearing every day the problems of others. People who always speak in the first person, without asking you how you are today, or what concerns you have in mind. Set a limit and do not always focus on others.

You are the protagonist of your life and you must know how to listen to yourself. And watch out, it's not just about taking care of your body, looking for a painkiller for that headache , Or taking a shower to ease the tiredness. You must know how to listen to your thoughts and your needs, that inner voice that, at times, we forget to attend to.

5. I will live every day with enthusiasm


Every day is unique and special. Why lose it with worries or fears? Do not let that happen. Do not let others put walls to your happiness or take away your energy with their selfishness or their negativity, because that is not having quality of life.

We are all aware that in this life we ​​have obligations and responsibilities, but they must be part of a whole with which you feel happy. "I go to work because I feel fulfilled with my profession, because it allows me to have independence and take care of my family". I'm still with me couple Because we are happy, because life is fuller with the illusion that brings me.

Think of everything you have today and look forward to every thing, every project, every step you take each day. Now, if your days no longer have the same illusion, find out what happens and settle as far as possible. Because a life without illusions makes no sense and is, without a doubt, the worst enemy for our personal growth.

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