5 riddles to stimulate your creative thinking

Creative or lateral thinking Was first introduced in the 1990s by the psychologist's hand Edward de Bono . In our present time, this way of thinking and reasoning is valued more and more, that is why we try to promote, above all, educational level.

People always tend to think of A strictly logical way. Faced with a problem, we immediately seek the most obvious answer, without valuing, on occasion, other more original dimensions that could be more useful. These are situations in which we see each day, moments in which stress Or anxiety can make us feel blocked and lose that spark of originality, where creative or lateral thinking would be so useful.

To give you an example of this mode of reasoning, we want to propose 5 original puzzles Which will surely amuse you, and make you see things from another point of view. You dare?

Step 1: Develop your creative or lateral thinking


Before you face our riddles, we are going to give you a series of strategies so that you have a base with which to solve them. They are pillars that define he thought Creative or lateral , And that is worth putting into practice in our day to day. Take note:

  • Life is full of small and big problems . Sometimes they are so absurd that we do not know how to approach them. Now, in order to achieve this, first of all we must stop giving so much importance to logic. In everyday life,"two and two do not always have to be four,"especially when we talk about"human problems." People are a little chaos of emotions, desires... So you start to see things from several points of view without giving so much weight to logic.
  • Develop your imagination, take it to the best of your possibilities And go beyond what your eyes see. Imagine more possibilities, situations, invent data, value, compare and re-imagine. Do not stay with one option.
  • Set aside your prejudices , Let your inner child out and stand up straight. Dare to be original without fear of what they may say about you.
  • Forget about labels and stereotypes.
  • The information we have will not be decisive, Are small clues to which you must add your own assumptions, your imaginative ideas, your intuitions. Let yourself get carried away by your hunches, open to all kinds of assumptions and do not be afraid to err.
  • The ideal is to avoid following the most obvious and logical path. Be original and, the more imagination you bring to the problem in question, the better!

Riddle 1: The parking lot


You will be surprised to know that this riddle is used by Chinese educational institutions in the tests of access to Primary school. And you know what? Six-year-olds solve it in seconds, thanks, precisely, to their creative or lateral thinking. As we grow older, these puzzles are much more complicated because we approach them from a logical point of view.

Do you dare with it? There goes the question: In what parking space is the car of the illustration parked?

Riddle 2: The Cap and the Carrot

Carrots also contain healthy levels of minerals like copper, calcium, potassium, manganese and phosphorus. Let's go to another situation. Imagine that, after a long drive, you come home to a relative. Out of the car, you put on the jacket to shelter and, when you turn to the right, you see something strange in the garden of that house. What do they do there a carrot and a cap? You can not understand it. What if we thought about it 2 minutes before giving you the solution?

Riddle 3: The Bar Man


Let us now to a new situation. We're in a bar. A man either enters and approaches the bar to ask the waiter for a glass of Water . He stares at it for a few seconds, then bends over and picks up something hidden inside the bar: it's a weapon. He holds it and points straight at the face of that man who, in a choked voice, has asked for water.

When he sees the waiter pointing, the man breathes deeply, thanks him and leaves. What has happened?

Riddle 4: A dead man in the field


We are in the middle of countryside , A desolate place where the dead body of a man lies. At his side there is a kind of closed box. Think for 2 minutes what has happened, and remember, use your creative or lateral thinking.

Riddle 5: The Lonely Man


Now let's get to know a man. He lives alone, lives without any company in an equal lonely Where he rarely receives visitors, but there is a day when he makes a mistake. Without realizing it, all the lights of his house are extinguished, and when outside outside, discovers in horror that 90 people have died. Then he begins to cry disconsolately, because he is the only one to blame for such a disaster.

What has happened?


  • Riddle 1: The square number is 87. You should see the parking lot as if you were actually parking the car.
  • Riddler 2: The carrot and cap are from a snowman that has already melted.
  • Riddle 3: The man who asked for water had hiccups and the waiter wanted to scare him so that he would pass.
  • Riddle 4: The man has fallen from a plane, at his side is the parachute without opening.
  • Riddle 5: The man worked in a lighthouse. When the lights went out, a boat hit the rocks.

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