5 risks of emotional dependence on the couple

Have you ever lived emotional dependence Excessive Has anyone been very dependent on you and has barely allowed you To have personal space ? It is a very common thing worth considering. For our emotional health and our balance.

The Risks of Emotional Dependence

Loving a person requires R Reciprocity, concern and commitment . We know that it is inevitable to be dependent on that person of whom we are in love, it is something understandable and logical. When someone is part of our lives in such an intimate and special way, it is common for us to worry about everything he does, what he expresses and what he thinks.

But it is necessary to maintain a balance for the sake of our Emotional health and our integrity . There is one who gives everything for the other person to the point of being empty, of transforming into a kind of small satellite that goes around and around a planet without direction. And without being recognized. You have to be careful. So we give you 5 clues as to why we should take into account the principles of emotional dependence.

1. Putting the wishes of the other person to your own needs

Careful with this. It is very common that we establish almost without realizing, the Classic toxic relationships S in which the wishes and whims of the other person above their own are honored. And the problem is that We do it freely and with love , Because it is what we feel, and in a way, we only seek the happiness of that being that we love.

But there comes a day when the frustration appears, because we realize that we are not taken into account. That we are not recognized in any sense, and what has been happening so far is that they have been Taking advantage of our emotions by manipulating us Like puppets.

2. Happiness depends only on the person we love

Our partner, Is, so to speak, our day and our night. It is the center of that universe in which, we are almost in A background . Our partner becomes more important than our family, our work or our aspirations. We set aside our self-esteem to focus everything on that being. Is this adequate? absolutely. Can we understand? Of course, because that's where the Risk of emotional dependence . Forgetting ourselves to focus on the other person. There will come a day when we realize that we have exceeded, that we feel a little empty and with damaged self-esteem.


3. It costs us not to say

To say is not deny. And denying is something we do not conceive when we are very much in love. How are we going to deny something to the person we want? How do you choose something different than what our partner says? We are afraid to upset, upset or upset him, and that is why many people are leaving aside The need for assertiveness, That is, to defend and express what we feel, believe or need.

4. If I am not wanted by him, I am nothing

It may seem very exaggerated, but there are many people who come to this end. If they do not receive that sample of love every day, if they do not see themselves loved, or more so, if they do not have a partner, they see themselves as the most miserable people in the world. They are personality profiles that Do not conceive the fact of living without marriage To, for example. They need to be loved to look good on themselves , To be valued. If they do not feel reaffirmed with another person at their side, they suffer a very extreme unhappiness.

5. The risk of becoming a driver

Emotional dependence is an obsession. And the obsession Demands control, fuels distrust and jealousy. Surely you've lived it sometime. Couples who become controlling because they live very dependent on us, what we do, what we do not do, if we show them that we love them, that if we give them reasons for mistrust... it is a very unhealthy living, that involves us In periods of high stress and emotional distress. We must go carefully with these types of toxic relationships where emotional dependence can directly attack our own health, freedom and self-esteem.

We must love intensely, there is no doubt. But always with balance and maturity remembering that you are important too.

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