5 signs that indicate a relationship has come to an end

In every couple relationship there is a beginning and an end , Although the latter we usually avoid. But as much as we want to close our eyes to it, when should we really close the book?

Do we know when relationships come to an end?

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It's hard to decide that it's time to finish , That everything has come to an end. We find it tremendously difficult because we are afraid. Sometimes, though, it's for the best.

Therefore, it is important to identify some signs that indicate that there is no possible return.

It's time to finish

Each breakup Is a complicated but sometimes very necessary moment . It is better to overcome this difficult time than to extend a relationship that is not really working.

Today we present 5 signs that will help you open your eyes to end a relationship that no longer goes forward.


1. Without love there is no relationship

Over time sometimes love wears out or disappears . This causes the situation to be rethought, because the reality is that a relationship without love does not exist. You do not have to feel guilty about this, it is quite common.

Sometimes the routine or, simply, overcome that phase of initial infatuation causes us to see with another eyes that person that one day we love or believe to love. Now we see everything more clearly and, unfortunately, we are aware that there is no love.

It's time to end the relationship.

2. Trust is key

All kinds of relationships, but especially relationships, are based on trust. Without trust it is impossible for us to establish healthy relationships , Since trusting the person who sleeps with us every night will be impossible.

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If our relationship is full of lies, mistrust, jealousy, infidelity... this will cause our relationship to become destabilized and discussions begin to surface.

In addition, the damage can make us suffer more than we should.

3. There is no longer a couple

Sometimes, we are not aware that there is no longer a real relationship. We believe that this is something that works by itself, without being aware that it requires a great work and a great will.


If only one of the parties does not put an interest in the relationship, this will already lead to the relationship through the path of bitterness. In addition, resentment may surface, making it even more difficult to maintain the relationship.

If you see that it does not work, If you are not willing to give 100%, it is necessary to end the relationship .

4. I used to attract you, now you can not stand it

In the Falling in love We feel so happy and happy that we only see the positive and the good of the person in front of us. This changes as time passes and Everything that once attracted you, or that you endured, now you can not stand it .

This can cause confusion in your partner, since it takes a long time without changing certain habits that you get the hair hairs because you never complained. The problem is that now you have to deal with them, but you can not.

You have reached a dead end.

5. Irretrievable differences

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When two people decide to unite their lives Must share their world view, with the same goals , With a project of life in common and with similar values. What happens when some of these things change?

People can change, as well as our perception about the world and things. The problem is, that when this causes us not to go the same way as our partner, problems arise.

It is time for you to rethink the relationship.


Romper is a very strong and very painful word , Since when we initiate a relationship we believe that it is for the whole life. However, it is better to end up than not being foolish and holding on until everything falls by its own weight.

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It is important that you know how to open your eyes to reality, act as adults and Identify the signs that indicate that everything has already reached its end . It is something natural, something that usually happens, so do not resist.

Sometimes it is best to end.

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