5 simple and effective tips to overcome a knee injury

5 simple and effective tips to overcome a knee injury

The knee injury is one of the most frequent conditions in some sports and not only in elite athletes. Unfortunately, ligament sprains are very common or, in the worst case, meniscal tear. Learn about these tips to prevent and overcome a knee injury.

In this article we share the most effective tips to recover the mobility of the knees with some natural techniques and good habits.

An optimistic rehabilitation

Prevent knee injury

When we suffer a knee injury we also have to slow down our daily rhythm and stop doing many important things . This situation, if it is extended, can lead us to a stage of discouragement and, even depression . Will there be injuries for life? In this sense, it is very important to maintain a positive attitude.

The courage in the face of adversity The vital attitude and the fighting spirit are factors that will help us a lot in rehabilitation. The mental combat against the negative thoughts It is long, since a complete recovery can last up to 6 months, depending on the injury. Especially if we have needed surgery on the ligaments or meniscus.

Any stimulus that helps us avoid falling into discouragement is a good option. We must rely on the family, on the couple or on friends. It's fundamental to have a goal and to meet with effort the objectives of rehabilitation .

Tips for treating a knee injury

If we have an inflammation or a movement that causes us discomfort or pain we should treat it as soon as possible. Many injuries could be prevented if we paid attention to the signals that the body sends us.

1. Apply heat

5 simple and effective tips to overcome a knee injury

The knees suffer greatly from changes in temperature when there is cold and, on the contrary, Pain and inflammation can be relieved a lot by applying direct heat. For example, with massages, water bags, electric mats, moxas, etc.

Although it is true that when the injury is just produced, it is used cold to avoid inflammation and pain at the moment, in later moments we can proceed with the application of heat on a daily basis. We will notice a great improvement and we will accelerate the recovery.

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2. Care when flexing

The more weight we carry, the more tension the meniscus and the ligaments . In fact, one of its functions is to cushion the loads that are generated between the tibia and the femur when bending the knees.

Therefore, it is necessary Pay attention to our posture when bending over and lifting heavy objects . Instead of tilting the chest forward and keeping the legs straight, we must keep the spine straight to lower and raise.

3. The importance of footwear

Another one of the weak points that worsen the health of our knees is the use of an evil footwear . If we have weakness or discomfort in the knees we will have to choose the most suitable footwear for us .

Shoes with a high heel or a sole that is too tilted forward provide an unnatural tread. In this way not only the knees suffer but also the back. Flat and rigid footwear is also not recommended.

4. The neuromuscular bandage

Years ago there was only one type of advantage to immobilize the knee in rehabilitation stages. However, nowadays we also have the neuromuscular bandage or Kine Tape. This type of bandage helps prevent knee injury in a different way.

With this bandage of characteristic striking colors It partially limits movement and respects mobility , at the same time that a micromassage is made. In addition, it offers a sense of security and support.

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5. Choose the right sport

Some sports activities are not recommended if we want to prevent or treat knee injury. We must Avoid punishing meniscus with impact sports in which jumps are performed or which rotate the knees continuously.

However, many times the knee injury can be related to a deviation of the spine at the lumbar or pelvic level. For this reason, we must also strengthen the abdominal muscles and stretch weekly.

It is very important to follow a specialized medical team , since this type of injuries can become chronic. A badly healed knee injury would undoubtedly worsen our quality of life and limit our mobility.

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