5 Symptoms of Primary Bone Cancer You Should Know

You may have heard of the Primary bone cancer . Usually, when we talk about cancer, there is often a time when the disease affects the bones. It is what is known as Secondary bone cancer Or metastatic. When a tumor expands, it often reaches some part of the bone structure.

However, according to medical statistics, in recent years the diagnosis of the so-called"primary bone cancer"is increasing, that is, A tumor that originates directly in the same bone.

You must know that the Survival rate can be quite good , As long as the disease is diagnosed in the early stages; Hence the importance of prevention and information. Within gravity, a positive aspect of primary bone cancer is that it gives clues to its presence through a very characteristic pain.

Let us speak today of this subject that, undoubtedly, interests us all.

What is primary bone cancer?

Calcium in bones

Primary bone cancer is not very common, nor as well known as other cancers such as breast or colon . However, its incidence, although low, is there and, since it is frequent to confuse its symptoms with other diseases, it is important to delve into its information.

It affects our skeleton, and the most affected areas are usually the bony parts close to the knee, femur and tibia . It is not related to secondary cancer, that is, it is not a result of a metastasis by another type of primary tumor. You should also know that there are three types of primary bone cancer:

  • Osteosarcoma : It is the most common and unfortunately occurs in adolescents who are in the process of growing, as it appears in that new tissue of the bone that is developing.
  • Chondrosarcoma: It is already manifested in adults between 40 and 60 years old, always originating in the cartilage .
  • Ewing's sarcoma: It is also characteristic in younger children, since their nervous tissue is still immature and can lead to the appearance of small sarcomas along the bone marrow. It is also possible to say that it usually has a hereditary component, which is why it can be prevented and obtain a good result based on treatments such as radiotherapy.

Symptoms of Primary Bone Cancer

Fortify bones

In our article we are going to focus therefore on that type of primary bone cancer that can affect adults, that is, chondrosarcoma . As we have pointed out above, its symptoms can often be confused with other types of problems ( Osteoarthritis , Inflammations, osteoporosis...), hence the importance of delimiting a little the basic characteristics of its symptomatology.

Very focused pain

  • There are days when our knees hurt more than usual. We relate it with simple tiredness, with that wear that day to day is bothering us more and that we try to relieve with the anti-inflammatories. However, the type of pain associated with a primary bone cancer, Is more stabbing.
  • As we have pointed out before, you should pay attention to those areas of the knee, tibia and femur joint, since almost 70% of the time, chondrosarcoma is usually focused on these areas.


  • To the pain centered in that part of our body, the characteristic of Not being able to bear the rubbing of the clothes Or even touch the area with your hand. The pain is very intense, like a burning plaque, and you can hardly find relief from the medication.

Very striking inflammation

  • When a tumor appears in the bone, as it grows, it invades those tissues that surround the bone itself or the joint. It is produced A very characteristic thickening Which will put us on the alert. It is not a simple inflammation, that is to say, when you touch it you will notice it much denser than the classic arthritic swelling.


  • The inflammation, the accumulation of this tissue produced by the tumor , Usually with fever almost always . As you can see, the symptomatology is very evident, so we must see it as something positive that must force us to go to the doctor as soon as possible, to attack the disease in its early stages.
  • Remember not to self-medicate. It is important not to mask the symptoms with the drugs and be aware of what is happening.

Possible fractures

  • Fractures already appear in more advanced phases , When the tumor has weakened the bone and has caused the appearance of possible cracks or more serious breaks. Before we reach this moment, our body will already have shown several symptoms, such as acute pain, tiredness, inflammations and fever.
  • It is therefore very important that we are Attentive to all these indicators. Although primary bone cancer is not very frequent, the biggest risk is that we confuse it with other problems and we do not go to the doctor when we perceive its symptoms. Heed your sorrows knee And always looks for a good medical diagnosis that discards more serious problems.


Just remember that this disease, treated in its early stages, always obtains a very good prognosis.

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