5 tips to customize your child's room

5 tips to customize your child's room

Personalizing your child's room will help him grow in a safe, appropriate and identified environment. In that sense, you should ensure that your child's room is a space whose decoration is according to their age and sex. You should also know how to choose the ideal colors, the ideal furniture, ensure good lighting and incorporate many games and toys.

The house must be that space where you and your family coexist fully . After all, it constitutes its natural habitat. There all interact, relate and love each other. Therefore, your home has to show certain conditions. And more when you have children!

From all corners of your house, the room of your child or children is the most special. First, because it is their most intimate, most intimate and most personal environment. Second, because it must be an appropriate place and appropriate to their sex, their age and their tastes.

This indicates that Personalizing your child's room is something you should pay attention to and do not leave it at random. You do not need to be a great interior designer or have a large budget. It is only necessary that this place in your home that you have chosen for your child to live has a large personality . As much as what your child surely has or will have.

Why is it important to personalize your child's room?

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Your child's room is that space where your child will spend much of their day to day. Therefore, it must be your refuge. A place that is pleasant, safe and comforting. Especially it must look like him, combine with the way of being that is forging . Hence, the importance of personalizing your child's room.

Imagine a place where you are not comfortable or comfortable, how are you supposed to fully develop your activities? Give an answer is uphill, right? Now think of your child, a much smaller and more fragile being.

Think about how difficult it can be for your child to live in a place that generates discomfort or discouragement. So that this is not a reality, here we give you 5 tips to customize your child's room.

How to customize your child's room?

There are many recommendations and tips that could guide you to customize your child's room. The main thing is that you understand that it is not a complicated process or much less expensive . It's only about taking into account certain relevant aspects to make the your child's room a sacred temple.

It is also important that your child's room is an ecosystem that stimulates it positively . It must be a space where you can awaken your imagination and creativity. In short, that allows you to dream, concentrate, be fully. The great goal is to make your child feel very identified with his room.

1. Take into account the age of your child

One of the first aspects that you should consider to personalize your child's room is its age . A room for a newborn baby is not the same as for a 3 year old or an 8 year old child.

Age will guide you to select the furniture, the decoration, the colors of the room, practically everything! For example, in the rooms of babies everything is usually a little more delicate than in the larger children.

In the same way, the rooms of the larger children tend to lend themselves more to personalization. A child of 8 years usually already has established tastes. At that age you know what your favorite colors are and your favorite cartoon characters. These are elements determined by the child himself and that are included in many of the room decorations.

With age is also closely related to the sex of the child. There are substantial differences between boys and girls when it comes to personalizing the room. Beyond the theme of the tones or images to be used, males and females relate to spaces in different ways.

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2. Use appropriate colors

The theme of colors is one of the most important when it comes to personalizing your child's room. Mainly because the tonalities generate certain sensations. Equally, they influence the behavior and moods of people . Each tone produces a different effect on people and that is necessary to take it into account.

Pastel colors, for example, like pink or light blue transmit relaxation, calmness and delicacy. They are generally indicated for baby rooms. In fact, they are the most used. White is also among the most common shades to paint the room of newborns because it conveys purity. It is important to consider the influence of colors .

Other shades, such as electric blue, green or lilac, are also used, especially in the case of older children. These colors, although stronger, are liked by the little ones.

On the opposite side, there are shades that are contraindicated for a children's room . Red, gray or black are the most classic examples. The same happens with bright colors, such as yellow, since they generate hyperactivity and aggression in children.

3. Choose safe furniture

The furniture are other elements that are very present in the rooms in general. In the case of children's rooms, it is crucial that the furniture is safe and appropriate. Avoid very large furniture or made of risky materials, such as glass.

Also, try that your child's room does not have many furniture or shelves. It includes the primordial ones, such as the crib or bed, a wardrobe and a bedside table. The choice of furniture is a decisive step to personalize your child's room , mainly because of a security issue.

Remember that your little one is at a stage where he is not aware of many issues around him . In the same way, you can suffer falls and blows easily. Therefore, you must ensure that your room is safe and clear of furniture that may represent a risk.

4. Includes good lighting

Room for girls

The lighting of the room must also take it into account . It must be a place where there is plenty of natural light. Avoid very closed spaces or with too much darkness. In case your child's bedroom does not have much light, try to enlighten it in the best way. This will be very useful to visualize every corner of the room. In addition, it will facilitate the location of the elements that are in it.

Many children also fear dark places . If your child is part of this group, he will value a illumination adequate Above all, because this way you will have a clear vision of the entire space. In this way, you can move more naturally, and avoid accidents.

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5. Add games and toys

Games and toys are closely linked to childhood . Therefore, it is recommended that you include many of these elements when you go to customize your child's room. The child will believe that he is in a fun, dynamic and cheerful environment.

Games and toys vary from child to child. Older children always have great participation when it comes to selecting the ones they want for their room . It is vital that you listen to your child's opinion on this point.

Boys choose their favorite action figures, while girls decide on the dolls of their choice. If you wish, you can suggest some toys. However, if the child is at an age when he or she can decide, it is better for both of them.

In the case of babies and newborns, the decision about games and toys will fall on parents . In these rooms, toys predominate more than games, since they are very young children. For this reason, it is common to choose stuffed animals or mobiles to hang up.


Your child's room is a place that should make you feel happy above all things. It must be a harmonious and balanced place. It is relevant that everything goes in combination.

You can choose a theme and, depending on it, customize the entire room . We would also suggest you give dedication to the walls of the room. Do not limit yourself to painting them uniformly. Try to experiment and create original figures and forms.

The creation of small miniambientes inside your child's room can also be useful. Children like different spaces. For this, you can decorate in such a way that your child feels that he is in many places at the same time.

The central idea is to personalize the place so that your child feels comfortable. Add these additional tips to those we share above and create a dream room.

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