5 Tips to Prevent Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's is a primary neurodegenerative disorder Which usually occurs more frequently in people over 65 years, but can also occur in a lower percentage in people of a younger age. When a person suffers from Alzherimer Begin to have microscopic changes in the tissue of certain parts of your brain and constant loss of a chemical called acetylcholine, which is vital for brain function. This substance is related to the communication of nerve cells and mental activities such as learning, memory and thinking.

The investigations carried out so far have not found an exact cause of alzheimer's and it is difficult to determine exactly which person is at complete risk of suffering from this disease. Nevertheless, There are studies that have related different factors with the greater risk of suffering this problem : Age (between 60 and 65 years), sex (women suffer it more frequently), family inheritance, genetic factors and environmental factors (smoking, diets rich in fats, pollution).

What are the neurological symptoms of a person with Alzheimer's disease?


In the beginning, small and imperceptible losses memory Which can be easily ignored. However, over time, this loss of memory becomes more noticeable to the point that the person becomes unable to perform daily activities and In more serious cases, he has problems for intellectual activities like speaking, understanding, reading, or writing.

Symptoms of Alzheimer's include:

  • Loss of short-term memory: It is difficult to retain new information.
  • Loss of long-term memory: It is difficult for you to remember personal information such as important dates, profession and even the name.
  • Reasoning problems.
  • Misunderstanding of common words.
  • Inability to tie your shoes or button your shirt.
  • Disorientation.
  • Change in character: Irritability, confusion, apathy, or decay, among others.

How can alzheimer's be prevented?

Alzheimer's 1

Alzheimer's is a disease that can be prevented or, at least, prolonged the state of cognitive well-being for a few more years. Experts recommend learning to detect the first symptoms and exercise both memory and intellectual function. Some of the key tips to prevent or delay the appearance of alzheimer's are:

Controlling Vascular Risk Factors

Keep balanced Cholesterol levels , Sugar and high blood pressure.

Modify lifestyle


  • Feeding: It is very important to lead a healthy diet, as it has been proven that some foods can influence the possibility of developing alzheimer's. You must Increase the consumption of"good"monounsaturated foods Such as nuts, peanuts, almonds, pistachios, avocados, cinnamon, or olives; Polyunsaturated Like omega 3 and green leafy foods; others Nutrients such as vitamin E, Present in wheat germ, cereals in shell, green leaves, nuts; vitamin B12 In animal products; Vitamin B9 (folic acid) In foods such as beans, green vegetables, oranges. Reduces consumption of red meats, refined foods, butters and fats derived from dairy products .
  • Do more exercise: Physical exercise is very good for general health and also to prevent Alzheimer's disease. Several investigations have found that from the 2 hours of exercise per week the risk of developing this disease is reduced.
  • No smoking: Smoking is one of the risk factors of alzheimer's , As it has been found that people addicted to cigarettes tend to suffer from this disease more than those who keep tobacco away. If you have not yet done away with this bad habit, we recommend that you seek Alternatives to quit smoking .
  • Increase cognitive activity : Cognitive activities can somehow prevent and prolong the onset of a disease like Alzheimer's. Numerous studies determine that these activities are an exercise for brain functions and memory, So they could be key in preventing Alzheimer's disease.

Among the activities recommended by the experts are:

  • Speak several languages.
  • Play musical instruments.
  • Read frequently.
  • Study a career.
  • Have more social activity.
  • Challenge yourself with intellectual games such as chess, crosswords, puzzles, sudokus and all kinds of thinking games.

To take into account...

So far there is no exact way to predict whether a person will develop a disease like Alzheimer's. It is very important to take into account the risk factors, since they may be key in the early detection of this disease. So far, it can not be said that its evolution can be stopped, but detecting it in time can help a great deal quality of life Of the patient.

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