5 ways to drink water is less boring: Delicious!

We know… We have to drink more water! Between six and eight glasses a day but how to get it? Water does not taste at all, and sometimes it is heavy and even boring. You may have tried many times to ingest those two liters per day, because you need it, because you know that your kidneys work better and, moreover, you notice that your body is healthier and cleaner.

If you are the one that does not get it despite the effort, do not worry. Today in our space we want to give you five fun ideas with which to drink water will be much easier. Do we take note?

1. Water with lemon

Lemon water

A classic idea and that, surely, you have already tried more than once. In this case, drinking water with lemon Will be ideal in the morning, just rise. We have spoken on numerous occasions of this healthy remedy for Purify our body, eliminate toxins And get a good"vitamin and mineral cocktail".


  • The juice of ½ lemon.
  • 1 cup of warm water (200 ml).

How to prepare it

We will start by getting the juice of half a lemon, and then mix it with that glass of warm water. Remove well and do not add sugar, it will be healthier and digérás better. It will suit you! Remember that in case you have stomach problems or are suffering from some episode of diarrhea, lemon will not be recommended.

2. Water with cucumber

Cucumber juice mint green chotda

Cucumber water is Refreshing, healthy, rich and slimming! Many people often consume it after the weekends to eliminate those excesses that we sometimes commit during the holidays. It will make you feel lighter and will hydrate you. It will also help you reduce that annoying headache that we sometimes have in the afternoons.

Also point out that drinking cucumber water will bring you antioxidant, purifying and alkalizing benefits. If your goal is, for example, lose weight And take care of your figure, we recommend you take a liter a day. After a month you will notice the results.


  • 1 liter of water.
  • A cucumber .
  • The juice of ½ lemon.
  • 4 ice cubes.

How to prepare it

We will start peeling the cucumber and cleaning it well. Next, we cut it into several pieces to make it easier to put it in the blender. Then we get the juice of half a lemon. Next step? Very easy: we liquefy the cucumber and we mix it with the water and the juice of lemon, looking for that it is A well-balanced drink . Let it rest for half an hour in a pitcher and remember to add the 4 ice cubes. It's delicious!

3. Water with fruit ice cubes

Ice cubes

A fabulous idea! When you try it, it will not cost you to drink water anymore. To have fruit ice cubes is an easy resource for any moment, and also ideal for the little ones to be used to consume water.


  • Choose the fruit you want: Strawberries , Orange, pear or apple in pieces. It will always be more advisable to choose some acidic fruit, since the taste will be more pleasant when mixing it with water.
  • You will also need a bucket.

How to prepare it

We'll give you a simple example: let's do Fruit cubes of strawberries and orange. Take note:

  • We will start by cleaning the strawberries well, then peel the orange And cut it into small pieces. The next step is to take a bucket if it is much bigger.
  • Introduce the pieces of fruit with a little water in each hole, so that, when frozen, the ice has inside that fruity heart.

In addition to fruits, you can also include herbs such as lavender or mint. It's a treat you should try!

5. Water with fruit slices

-fruit water

The basic secret to drinking more water is to have a little more will and, if possible, enjoy while drinking. One fabulous way to achieve this is by including certain Pieces of fruit in your bottles .


  • 1 liter of water.
  • The fruit that you like, combined imaginatively to play with the flavors.
  • A glass jar with a capacity of 1 liter and a half.

How to prepare it

It's really easy to prepare. The key is to choose the most suitable fruits. Do you want an example? How about combining peach with pear and cinnamon? Or the tangerine and watermelon? Delicious! You can prepare a jar of each flavor. In one of them we include the peach Peeled and cut into four parts, along with a sprig of cinnamon and half peeled peeled. Then you have to fill it with a liter of fresh water. Very easy!

Now we are going to prepare the jar of tangerine and watermelon. Very simple too: break the mandarin and introduce it in the glass jar. Then add four squares of watermelon to finally fill the container with a liter of very cool water. Ideal for when We arrived in the afternoon tired of work . If you leave it ready in the morning and you put it in the refrigerator, it will be delicious and ready to drink.

Drinking water has never been so much fun!

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