6 changes in your lifestyle that can give you 10 more years

Do you want to lead a healthier life? Are you easily sick? Do you have cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes? Would you like to lose weight and no diet has worked? So maybe it's a good time to make small changes in your lifestyle that can help. You will see the effects almost immediately.

You now have the ability to change the way you live and start being healthier. Perhaps some people do not like to say"new year, new life", but for others, January is the kickoff for many modifications. It's time to start thinking about your health, how you want to face this 2015 and what things you do not want anymore in your life.

Changes in habits that can help you

Add more vegetables and fruits to your diet

If you eat well, you will feel good. The equation is that simple. Have you ever thought about why you feel irritable, tired and not wanting to do anything, especially after eating? Yes, the responsibility lies with the fatty and sugary food.

The opposite is true of fruits And vegetables, especially if they are raw. You will have a lot of energy accumulated and you will accomplish all your activities without problems. In addition, they will help you not get so sick, reduce cholesterol, lose weight and control your blood sugar levels. Consume two pieces of fruit and three of vegetables a day. Fill your plate with color!

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Exercise every day

You do not have to go to an academy or a gym if you do not like the idea. There are many ways to do"informal"exercise. Although the doctors say that it is not the same, something is started, right? When you get to work, go up the stairs instead of using the elevator. When you return home, go down a station before the subway and walk. Use the bicycle to pick up your children for school or to make the purchase.

On Saturday mornings you thoroughly clean your house with loud music (without disturbing neighbors) and burn calories. You can also do gardening, washing the car or walking your dog around the neighborhood. There are thousands of ways to move the skeleton without having to fall. On the treadmill or lifting weights!

He sleeps

Surely you have already read or heard that you need to rest eight hours a day to feel renewed and with batteries charged. The amount is not so exact, it can be six or seven, the important thing is that you feel rested and that your body has been able to recover from all the activities of your day. And in turn, the hours you need to sleep in your entire life will not be the same.

During the pregnancy , In winter or when you're on vacation you might want to stay in bed for a while longer. Enjoy and enjoy! Do not take a nap if you have the opportunity. Many companies have realized that employees who sleep after lunch are more productive until the time of departure. You can report it in your work, maybe they will build a place to rest.


Listen to your body

Surely you have not noticed, but the body offers us different signals to show what is happening to you. Or perhaps if you have perceived it, however, you have not interpreted it properly. What you have to learn is to decipher this language of senses and emotions.

Pain and fever are two signs we all know. Also when we are very tired, not wanting anything, we may be incubating a disease. Try to rest a little more, do not make so much trouble for what surrounds you, think a little more about yourself.

Avoid excess stress

Normal doses of stress (or rather a certain hormone) are good for our lives, but neither should we abuse because that is where the inconveniences and diseases begin. Adults today suffer a lot of stress and that translates into several pathologies, such as heartburn, ulcers, constipation, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, heart attacks, headache and up Cancer . We are not exaggerating. All of this can be caused by too much stress.

The defenses will go down and you will catch how much cold they pass near, because your organism will welcome the bacteria and virus without any barrier. How to reduce stress? Lowering the revolutions of your life, anxiety, nerves. Do not let worries overtake you, do relaxing activities such as yoga or swimming, meditate, read a book sitting on the couch, enjoy a dip, listen to classical music, take advantage of a chat with friends or with your partner, The options are countless.

Set aside unhealthy habits


  • If you smoke, leave the cigarette.
  • If you drink a lot of alcohol, reduce your intake to a glass of wine at dinner.
  • If you eat a lot of fast food, start bringing salads to the office.
  • If you spend all day in front of the computer, try to walk a little more.
  • If you consume too much white flour or refined sugar, switch to healthier options like whole grains and stevia or sugar mascabo.
  • If you eat everything fried, think of other alternatives like steam or griddle.

Commit to change and achieve a better life!

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