6 Easy Techniques for Controlling Anger

It is true that everyone can get angry from time to time, but the problem lies when those episodes are repeated too many times. If you think you are too"angry"lately, perhaps it would be good to consider the following strategies and remedies how to control anger naturally.

Anger and anger can wreak havoc, not only on the people next to us, but also on our bodies. Several studies indicate that Anger increases the chances of suffering from certain heart diseases, especially in men . It also causes problems of stress, digestive, insomnia, headaches, gastritis, etc. It is therefore vital to learn to control the episodes where the temperature and the red color of our face begins to increase.

What is anger?

Anger is an emotion that can vary in intensity depending on the state of the person and what triggers it. The slightest is a disgust and the most serious is a rage or fury. It can accompany changes, both psychological and biological, because it increases the blood pressure , The production of certain hormones (such as adrenaline or cortisol) and respiration.

The instinctive and natural way people have to express our anger is through aggression, whether it's screaming, throwing things or even hitting. The American Psychological Association reports that anger is a response to an external threat, where we must fight to defend ourselves from greater evil. However, it is worth knowing that A little anger is necessary for our survival. Remember that extremes are always bad.


Techniques and recipes to control and reduce anger


The therapies or methods to relax you will come great to lower the tension and the anger, as well as the thoughts or feelings that lead you to feel that way. How can you relax? By doing meditation, for example, yoga Tai Chi. Close your eyes, breathe deeply through your nose and try not to think about anything. Do you think it is very difficult? Never mind, at least try it and you'll see how you start to be more relaxed.

Depurative activities

Physical exercise helps us eliminate anger naturally. But be aware that not all sports or disciplines are useful. If you are not of the athlete type do not worry, you will always find an activity that helps you to release the tensions and to enjoy the same moment. You can practice boxing, some martial art (judo, taekwondo, kickboxing), for example. Or maybe riding a bicycle Or walking helps you avoid a picture of anger.

If you realize that your anger is increasing, go for a walk and take a breath. When you are in the gym class, focus your energies to eliminate everything that makes you angry (you can think of your boss, your mother-in-law or who hit you the car).


Know the problem

A good way to eliminate excess anger from our body is to cope with it. That is to say, to search in the depths of our interior what are the causes of this fury or that reaction. You may not have realized what is bothering you or you need to talk about it, either with a therapist or with the person who generates these feelings. You must be focused and think that everything has a solution.

If the situation is out of control, do not worry because it is not worth it. If you can improve or change it, it takes action. Ask for an appointment with the psychologist if you think you can not just with your anger, he will know how to help you through different techniques or simply listening to how you complain about your problems (because letting go is a great way to release tensions too).

Rationalizes the situation

When anger begins to dominate us, we can not think clearly. This is really a problem that, like everything, has a solution. First, you should try to avoid two words:"never"and"always", because you will be justifying your anger and you will not give place to solve what happens. It changes the"I always get angry when I'm late"or the"can never be serene in a traffic jam"for a"I'll do my best to calm myself the next time I do not arrive on time or get stuck on the road."

positive thinking

Improve communication

Sometimes we get angry because frustration overtakes us. If we talked to a person more than once and things did not go as we wanted, it is not always the fault of the other, maybe it is we who can not explain well what we want. Listen carefully to what you say, ask the interlocutor what he has understood of your words, answer the doubts until everything is clear. This will avoid many problems.

Take a vacation

Or if you can not, at least, have a weekend break in a place that is not your house or where you are accustomed. Get out of the routine, walk in a park or on the beach, stop thinking about problems, take some time to think what you want and how to calm your spirits. Try not to get in touch with things that bother you (such as traffic in the city or overwork). Always think positive, take advantage of contact with nature, Breathe Deep, feel the scent of a flower and laugh more.

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