6 essential tips to reduce sagging

The chin or double chin is a problem that affects many women, some of whom are not even overweight but they would want to eliminate the fat that accumulates in the lower part of the chin, as it greatly affects the appearance of our face.

In this article we offer you some simple exercises and natural tips that, if you realize them daily during a season, will allow you to reduce naturally the double chin. Discover them!

What is the double chin?

The chin is a thick layer of fat that hangs below the chin, and that Can vary in size depending on several aspects: overweight, flaccid tissues, age , etc.

There are cosmetic surgery options, but there are also some exercises that we can do at home to prevent it and reduce it. But we must be constant and have a little patience. We will look for 10 minutes each day to perform the following exercises that we propose, and also we will take into account the healthy habits that will also help you to eliminate it.

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Neck movements

The simplest exercises, and at the same time those that They will also help us to improve possible neck or neck pains , Are as follows:

  • Sitting or standing, take your eyes and head toward the ceiling, lifting your chin, and when you are at the limit then pucker your lips and hold the position for a few seconds. You will notice how the whole neck is stretched.
  • Bring your head gently to one side, hold for a moment, and then move it toward the other.

Exercise with a ball

We will place a tennis ball under the chin and hold it tight against the chest. We will be pushing and releasing the force repeatedly. In this way we will be able to do strength in an area that we usually have flaccid.

Chew gum!

Chewing gum is a curious and simple exercise that also Will help us to strengthen all the muscles. We can get used to doing it a couple of times each day, trying to mobilize the area a lot and do it even by opening our mouths. We will do this preferably by being alone and we will avoid that the gum is with sugar, not to contribute to the overweight or to the dental problems.

Watch your diet

If your gill is a genetic issue, since you have your parents or grandparents too, you should not give up hope. The sooner you start with these exercises and perform them with constancy.

The dewlap is closely related to the overweight . If that is your case, and you know that you have an excess of fat in your body, we recommend that in addition to these exercises you also carry a healthy and balanced diet.

You should not dispense with fats, as these are also fundamental in our diet, but you should avoid those that are Harmful (Fried, baked goods, sausages, etc.) and choose the beneficial ones (oils of first pressure cold, avocado, nuts, fish, egg yolk, etc.).

You should also avoid sudden changes in weight , Which affect by the accumulation of fat in the areas that we least desire and because they contribute to increase the flacidez of the tissues.

Cottonseedoil oils

Gives firmness to your neck

Flaccidity is a fundamental issue to combat Also to achieve a firm skin under the chin. The exercises will help to tone that area, but we should also not forget to always moisturize the neck with the same moisturizer that we use for the face.

Once a week we should also make an exfoliation With a natural peeling to eliminate the excess of dead cells and to favor the renewal of the skin. We can prepare Peelings With ingredients that we all have at home, and thus will be even more natural and economic.

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Avoid excessive sunlight

Finally we must avoid another cause of the waning of the chin, which is The damage that causes us a continuous and abusive exposure to the sun's rays.

An exaggerated exposure, at hours of maximum radiation and for several hours, causes a destruction of collagen and elastin, favoring the aging of the skin and loss of firmness. Always avoid the midday hours, always use protective cream and refréscate continuously with cold water. You can also perfect tan But healthier.

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