6 strategies to reduce your fast glucose levels

Living with metabolic syndrome or diabetes it's complicated. Make sure you check and maintain your glucose levels at all times. . Sometimes you may feel that you are doing something wrong or that you have lost control because your blood sugar levels do not go down.

If you find yourself in this situation you should not worry too much, as this also affects you. Take note of these strategies to reduce your fast glucose levels and you will see that they soon stabilize.

1. Avoid consumption of starches

Foods rich in starches, such as potatoes and cereals, are common in our diet . Although important because of their nutritional intakes, you should avoid using them to reduce your fast glucose levels.

These products are rich in a molecule called amylopectin, which is rapidly digested but also Blood glucose .

It would be advisable to leave the starches for a day or two To facilitate the stabilization of blood glucose. Then you can include them, as long as you do not exceed their consumption, since Amylopectin provides useful energy for physical activity.

You should remember that excessive consumption of starches will bring amounts of energy. When you do not use this energy it becomes fat and your glucose levels increase considerably.

2. Reduces the consumption of sugars

Reduces sugar consumption

Any diabetic or person who wants to avoid diabetes You must reduce or completely avoid the use of sugars to control your glucose levels . At first glance it may seem simple, but it is a task that requires a lot of effort and attention.

The simple part can be to remove the natural and artificial sweeteners from your table. But you must go further and keep a watchful eye on all the foods you eat. Products like box breads, energy drinks and frozen vegetables contain huge amounts of sugar .

This is because sugar improves the flavors of these products and makes them more appetizing to the customer. If you now have high glucose levels You should make sure you check the labels on the packaged foods And avoid those that contain sugars .

You will find the type and amount of sugar in the list of ingredients and in the table of energy content. Our recommendation is that you choose the most natural products, such as fresh vegetables And natural water.

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3. Make sure you consume vitamin D


According to the magazine Diabetes Voice , People with vitamin D deficiency may develop impaired glucose tolerance . So if your glucose levels are high, you should make sure you get enough vitamin D.

The easiest way to get vitamin D It's sunning . When the sun rays come into contact with your skin, the body produces this nutrient naturally. In case you can not sunbathe as much as you want, you can consume:

  • Fish oil
  • Portobello mushrooms
  • Tuna
  • Yogurt
  • Whole grains
  • Sardine
  • Almonds
  • Tofu
  • Egg
  • Fresh cheese

If in spite of eating these foods you believe that your glucose levels are being affected by lack of vitamin D, You can also include a food supplement.

4. Exercise

A regular exercise program is vital to reduce and maintain your glucose levels . According to Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, Just follow an exercise program of 1 hour three times a week. In a study, collected by this journal, the data of the participants were followed, which during 12 weeks performed aerobic and resistance exercises.

In case your current physical activity is very low or nonexistent You can start with a hike 30 minutes . Remember that you should start gradually but steadily so that your glucose levels stabilize and stay the same over time.

5. Take your medications

Control the levels of Blood glucose It requires a lot of effort on your part. The most basic and important thing is to follow your doctor's instructions regarding the medications you should take.

When you forget to take a certain medication or your insulin injection you put your health at serious risk And your previous efforts do not get the expected results. If you have missed a dose and your blood sugar levels have risen, make sure you take the next dose at the prescribed time.

Sometimes it is difficult to follow all the instructions for the daily obligations, but at least make sure to take your doses at all times.


6. Drink enough water

Drinking water is vital to maintaining a healthy and toxin-free body. In case you have high glucose levels it is important that you change all the drinks by natural water . Among the drinks that most affect your blood sugar are:

  • The coffee
  • Juices
  • Energy drinks

In case you want to consume something with more flavor, try to prepare fresh water With natural fruit, or Bet on teas and infusions for when you want something warm or hot .

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Reduce your glucose levels and have a better quality of life

Maintaining optimum blood sugar levels requires certain changes in your lifestyle. Here we have left you six strategies to reduce your fast glucose levels, if you follow them, you will achieve a healthier life for a long time.

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