6 toxic chemicals related to premature menopause

A series of data Revealed by the World Health Organization (WHO) ensure that At least 1% of women develop premature menopause .

It is a condition that accelerates the end of the fertile age, and by which the menstrual periods disappear before the 40 or 45 years.

It manifests itself with the irregularities of menstruation And, later, with the total disappearance of the same and a series of hormonal changes.

In turn, this Increases the risk of several diseases of old age and emotional disorders Which impact negatively on the quality of life.

So far it is unknown what its exact cause, but its appearance is related to hereditary factors, obesity and conditions such as hypothyroidism.

In addition, according to research of the University of Washington , In St. Louis, Missouri (United States) there is a wide variety of Chemicals whose effects could be linked to their development.

Describe them!

1. Perfumes and fragrances


In the perfumes and fragrances that many often use can often hide compounds like phthalates that, according to experts, Are chemicals that could be associated with hormonal imbalances.

These substances are used in the industry to soften and increase the flexibility of the plastic, but also to prolong the aromas of this type of products.

Exposure to its effects can accelerate the onset of menopause , Not only because it affects the activity Hormonal , But also because they have a negative impact on fertility.

To avoid this, it is advisable to choose a perfume with less chemical additives, preferably made with ingredients of organic origin.

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2. Scented air fresheners and candles

Chemical air fresheners and scented candles contain phthalates and other Chemical compounds that could accelerate the onset of menopause.

These are usually added to their other ingredients as a preservative and odor enhancer, making them much more pleasant.

The problem is that, when inhaled, particles of aggressive chemicals are absorbed which, although at first seem harmless, With the passage of time may be related to abrupt hormonal changes.

The way to avoid these effects is to choose beeswax candles, perfumed with natural essential oils and lead free.

3. Plastic Containers

Plastic containers

Plastic containers used to store food May contain chemical aggregates that lead to the development of this condition.

As we have already mentioned, phthalates are used in the production process of Plastics To make them more flexible and easy to mold.

Although unlikely to be transferred to food, Subjected to high temperatures could release small chemical particles.

Therefore, it is not convenient to use them to heat in the microwave or to store foods that are too hot.

Glass or ceramic containers that are much safer can be used instead.

4. Personal hygiene and beauty products

A wide variety of products of personal hygiene and beauty that are commercialized in the markets Contain added chemicals that negatively influence health.

Its continuous absorption or inhalation is related to the development of thyroid problems and sudden hormonal changes.

Bath gel, some Shampoos And body moisturizing lotions Are loaded with phthalates and other substances that are linked with early menopause.

It should be mentioned that not all of them are harmful, since in some countries they have banned the use of these elements during the manufacturing process.

Ideally, carefully check the labels, or choose alternatives made with natural and organic ingredients.

5. Processed meats

Processed meats

The fact that processed or embossed meats always look fresh is not a coincidence.

Behind this pleasing aspect are a wide variety of conservation chemicals that, far from being healthy, are related to many health problems.

Nitrates and nitrites, in addition to other chemicals, cause hormonal changes And, in some cases, influence the development of premature menopause.

In addition, it is checked Which are detrimental to metabolic health and, in fact, Have been linked with the onset of various types of cancers.

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6. Milk and industrial dairy products

Unfortunately for everyone, it is now very difficult to find organic milk and dairy products that are free of hormones.

Although some people still ignore it, these foods contain Toxins and hormones derived from the treatments they perform on cows To increase their production of milk .

Although in minimum doses have been shown to be harmless, some diseases and bodily changes have been related to their habitual consumption.

For now more scientific studies are needed to determine and check the relationship between these products and early menopause.

However, some experts advise against The first tests seem to show that they do exert negative effects.

If you suspect this condition, it is best to go to the doctor for appropriate treatment.

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