6 types of toxic relationships you should avoid

Let's talk about toxic relationships . We are sure that you know them. In your life you have had more than one and you are aware of the high emotional cost and wear and tear for your health that suppose these people who put their needs before your own.

However, there is always something curious about toxic relationships: we know what they are, but it is difficult to identify them. The reason? Many emotions intermingle. Love or affection, sometimes, puts a blindfold on our eyes that prevents us from seeing the reality of things.

Therefore, we want to talk to you today in our space of 6 types of toxic relationships that we should all know how to identify, to avoid them, to put walls and protect us. Also tell us that, when talking about these types of problems, we are not referring only to relationships: There are also"toxic friends"and, of course,"toxic family members".

So let's talk about it.

1. Relationships in which only one has control of things


Sometimes, it is easy to let go, let the other who makes the important decisions, who is in charge of doing things. We think that they take better care of us. We have to go carefully, if we let the others do the majority of things, there will come a day when they will decide for us too.

Do not allow it, in a relationship, either from couple Or in a friendship, there must be a balance of forces, personal investments. The moment one makes more than another, or assumes decisions by the other person, the problem appears.

2. People who stand before their own needs


"It's that I prefer this, it's that I like it, it's that I want it, I need it, I hope that you...". The people who are accustomed to put the personal pronoun"I"in their phrases are, without a doubt, the Most harmful personality profiles , A classic example of Toxic relationships .

All those who are unable to see beyond their own world, can never bring true happiness. I do not even respect. Remember it!

3. People who do not trust

End a relationship in a healthy way

Who does not trust does not understand and who does not understand lacks an emotional opening where to show respect, understanding and empathy. Relationships that are based on distrust always derive from jealousy and misunderstanding, from continual disputes fragmented Our self-esteem Day by day and unstoppable . Not worth it.

4. Relationships based on emotional blackmail


"With all that I have done for you and now you refuse to offer me this?","If you really loved me you would not come to me now with this, it is clear that you hate me" . If you've ever been told a phrase like this, you'll know what it feels like and how it hurts to hear words like the previous ones. mouth Of people who, apparently, love us.

However, you should not be wrong. Whoever manipulates or blackmails does not love, whoever practices this type of abuse does not know how to truly love, does not bring respect or understanding . It is clearly a toxic relationship.

5. Relationships based on lies


Some people lie almost without realizing it, in a pathological way. And they do it in order to achieve their goals, to have controlled that"microworld"where it extends their relations dominating to the others based on deceptions.

They may tell you that they love you, that you are the best in their lives. However, far from demonstrating it as they should, they act quite damaging to you, Humiliating you and leaving you in the background . Lies can not be hidden and, although we may forgive some of those tricks , In the long run they are destroying us from the inside. Do not let that happen.

6. Relationships based on victimhood


These types of toxic relationships are very common, Both at the level of a couple and in one of our relatives . Victimization provides them with many gains, such as getting our attention or even making us feel guilty to further strengthen the bond of dominance in their favor.

"You always leave me alone when I need it most","I've been sick this weekend and you have not even called me, it's clear that you have other priorities" . If you have ever experienced these situations, you know how they hurt and how they ignite those feelings where Anger, pity and fear Are mixed equally in our interior.

In conclusion, although we all know what toxic relationships are, in our day to day it is common to experience situations like these. How can we defend ourselves against this type of behavior?

Set limits, speak clearly about what your needs are and how far you are able to reach. Make them understand that to love is not to blackmail or put oneself above all else. To want is to respect and to understand.

If you perceive that none of this offers results and the person or people continue to behave in the same way, it may be time to establish a needed distance. Do it for your physical and emotional health.

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