6 yoga postures to tone glutes and legs

Yoga is a discipline that seeks to maintain the balance between body and mind. The body will benefit from the practice because it will be strengthened through exercise. There are yoga postures to tone glutes and legs; You will see the changes after constant practice.

The toned and strong legs allow for greater stability when walking and aesthetically they look good. Having toned legs is a goal for many, because this eliminates the fearsome cellulite and reduces the appearance of varicose veins.

A toned buttocks also help the physical appearance because the body will look harmonious. For example, him Bikram Yoga It is one of the modalities of the discipline that helps to improve the physical aspect more quickly. The benefits of the postures in this yogic style they include developing and strengthening the body.

Looking for harmony in the body is one of the goals of yoga , taking control of the mind. Doing yoga is a symbol of health and vitality. You will give your body a balance between the earthly and the spiritual.

The asanas or postures they provide benefits for every part of the body . In a position you can work different parts and each one has a level of complexity.

If you want to do a physical activity and have a healthy figure, here we will leave you 6 yoga poses ideal for toning buttocks and legs. Add them to your routine!

1. Utkatasana or the chair

6 yoga postures to tone glutes and legs

The chair is ideal for toning buttocks and legs, in addition to working the abdomen and back.

  • The posture begins by placing the legs together to the width of the hips, then you must lower slowly with your arms up. The knees can not exceed the ankles, to avoid injuries.
  • When you come down with your back straight, you will feel tension in your buttocks and legs . This posture is basic for the practice of yoga and will be used in many routines. Making the chair the back pains will be reduced.

Yoga routine to relieve back pain

2. Garurasana or eagle

The eagle will give mobility to the ankles, knees, wrists, legs and will strengthen the buttocks .

  • This asana consists of placing the legs together and slightly flexing the right knee. Then we will put the thigh of the left leg on the right.
  • The left leg is screwed with the right. Then bend your elbows and bring them to your chest.

You will be putting pressure on the legs and glutes. Once finished the right side starts with the left. This torsion can be somewhat complex, but Its benefits are multiple and will help you to have control of the body .

3. Tulandandasana or flying posture

This position requires a high level of complexity, but your practice will have excellent results.

  • It starts by placing the legs to the width of the hips and lowering the trunk towards the forehead.
  • Then support the arms to the ground and raise the left leg as high as possible.
  • Keep your foot on tip and tighten your abdomen. Then change the leg and raise the right.

Flying posture will help your glutes work and the musculature of the back and legs it will be strengthened

Four. Trikonasana or triangle

The triangle is ideal for strengthening the thighs and back .

  • Stand with your legs together and then separate them and stretch your arms laterally. You must turn your left foot inward and your right foot in front.
  • Then you will lower your hips to the right side holding the ankle on that side.
  • Turn the trunk to the right side, raise the head and stretch the left arm, aligning it with the torso.
  • The look goes up, and then the posture is undone to do it on the opposite side.

The triangle allows an equitable development of the legs and it will help relieve tensions in the back.

trikonasana to tone buttocks and legs

5. Vrksasana or tree

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The tree is one of the basic positions of balance, because it will help control the mind and body.

  • For the tree place the legs to the width of the hips and join the palms of the hands.
  • Then go up the right leg and support it on the left thigh.
  • The leg should be very close to the groin and you must squeeze the abdomen and buttocks to achieve balance .

You will be supported with one leg while you breathe and maintain stability. The tree will keep you with your feet on the ground.

6 Konasana or sngular posture

With this twisting posture, you will stretch your legs and strengthen your buttocks .

  • Start by placing your legs together and then open them with arms outstretched.
  • Fold the trunk from the hip and rest the body on the right leg. Then stretch your arm over your head.

With the angular position you will stretch the chest and open the waist. And the legs will feel the work of stretching that you will have on the buttocks, ankles and toes during the practice of this asana.

There are many postures that will help you tone your buttocks and legs, these are just some. Remember to respect your body and not demand more than you can . Avoid injuries and improve the technique practicing constantly. Yoga will give you a healthy body.

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