7 habits to have confidence in yourself

Mistrust in oneself is one of the most common things that can occur in adolescents. However, we are all at the mercy of going through an episode that generates mistrust, regardless of our age.

S i do not treat it in time, it can become a disease very serious, to the point that we can fall into a moderate depression or a severe or severe depression. In this article we are going to facilitate you 7 habits to have confidence in yourself.

7 habits to have confidence in yourself

1. Choose your friends well and stay away from toxic people


When we choose good friends, we create healthy relationships and stable bonds , that help us feel good about ourselves. In fact, a good friend can bring out the best in us.

A friend can reaffirm our own esteem and highlight positive aspects of our personality that even we ourselves did not know we have. Therefore, we must look for real friends, who trust in us and we in them.

You should not be near people who only despise you, who always have something pessimistic or negative to tell you. And, if you can not censor their company, censor their words so they do not affect you.

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2. Perform exercises regularly

Take care of physical health by doing exercises It helps the body to release chemical substances and gives energy to the body . If you do it frequently, you will improve your physical appearance, which will surely increase your confidence.

Sleeping well is another key factor, since during the night the body recovers energies. If you do not do it, you will surely be Bad mood , with discomfort in the body and very tired, which will take energies from your body.

3. Do not say yes when you want to say no

You must learn to claim your rights assertively. That is, without being aggressive, but without scratching passivity. To achieve this, you must start with the small things.

You can tell someone:" That comment does not seem appropriate, it makes me feel bad" . There is the secret. Talk about"how I feel"instead of judging a situation as it is .

If we get used to saying things as we feel them when we feel them, we will do better in the development of our own esteem. In addition, we will practice the art of being frank but respectful.

4. Find your passion in life

confidence in yourself
If you feel less, or have been underestimated your whole life, finding your passion will help you gain or regain confidence in yourself. When you have found is activity, sport, hobby or work, your life is enriched .

You feel the satisfaction of doing something tremendously well and that makes you feel more confident. Even the fact that others observe your performance can make them value your talent and let you know.

Now, here comes the fifth point.

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5. Your frame of reference must be internal, not external

When you give too much importance to the opinions of others, you will always be unhappy. why? Why it is impossible please to all the world . Also, it is very sad to have to live to please others.

The approval scheme about what you are should come from yourself , of your values, of what you consider good and bad, not of what others think of you.

So you know, your point of reference must come from within.

6. Learn from failure and keep going

Fear to fail.

Do not stay stuck in failures. Nobody is perfect. So, if you're wrong, learn the lesson and move on with your life.

This does not mean that you should live as if no one matters, or as if the mistakes did not hurt, but if you paralizas in them or you get involved, mistakes of the past can come to undermine your confidence.

And so we come to point number six.

7. Celebrate your triumphs and regodéate positively in them

Remember your good times, celebrate them. Follow the principle of"what is celebrated is repeated." Think about what you have done well and you can discard many complexes.

You will be surprised to learn that many shy people have a distorted version of themselves and often minimize their achievements and successes. So rejoice and celebrate the good.

These 7 habits to have confidence in yourself are proven effective. Try to put them into practice, it can be one at a time. Do not be discouraged, remember that everything takes time .

Do not rush, or want to make the changes from one day to the next, you must overcome them little by little. Set a goal to overcome each and every obstacle that comes your way.

Do it daily until they become a habit .

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