7 signs indicating that they need to undergo couple therapy

All relationships are destined to go through a series of difficult situations that will test the love and all those feelings that once led them to join.

Although the purpose of being with someone is to experience happiness and feel support, there is no denying that There are certain times when everything seems to be complicated To the point of feeling that it can not be supported.

It is true that in some cases the most convenient and healthy solution is the separation ; However, when there is still a strong reason to be united, all Those negative feelings and discussions can become a source for growth And development of both.

The difficulties of the couple can be solved through dialogue and some strategies that reactivate feelings; However, when nothing seems to work, The last resort they can go to is a couple therapy.

This type of aid is aimed at two people who despite their difficulties have made the decision to make a last attempt to remain united.

In the end couples are expected to resolve their differences or, at least, have the ability to close the chapter without feeling resentment or guilt.

There are several signs that can warn couples that they need this type of help as soon as possible. This time we share those 7 situations for you to consider.

1. Always fight for the same

Always fight for the same

One thing is argue Occasionally something that went wrong and quite another is Be generating problems around the same issue.

If both hold grudges or disagree with something that has already been talked about, they are most likely to end up attacking in a negative way.

The two will have to Rethinking things and committing to more control About their impulses about it.

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2. There is no longer good communication

With the subject of communication several negative things can happen. The first is that one or both of them lose respect and begin to use a destructive or contemptuous language. The other is that there is some fear of talking about the possible reactions that the couple will have.

The thing is, if this pillar does not exist, Both will end up being perfect strangers And in the end all they want is to be far away.

3. Do not have an active sex life

Do not have an active sex life

Sex is not the most important thing, but it is one of the basic ingredients to keep the relationship alive.

The privacy Must be as essential as love , Respect and those other feelings that allow to enjoy the company of another person.

If you are no longer having sex, or both of you feel that you do not enjoy it, you have to act as soon as possible.

4. They are punished by withdrawing the samples of affection

In moments of anger it is very difficult to manifest some kind of positive emotion. However, that does not mean that both have to become blocks of ice to show their anger.

After passing a difficulty, Withdrawing the samples of affection is a quite harmful custom For the couple and can cause imbalances.

5. They lead separate lives

This often occurs in many Couples When they have been living together for too long and have not strengthened their ties.

They do not do anything together, they do not tell things and, in general, Seem to lead a separate life but under the same roof.

6. Fail in their attempts to improve

Fail in their attempts to improve

To avoid having to resort to help as therapy, many go to great lengths to improve things and return to their emotional stability.

However, there may be three, five or more attempts and Any difficulty returns all the way back .

If things are this way, the only option is to request this kind of support, before despair and Despair End the union.

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7. There is a claim to change the personality of the other

If everything arises around the defects of the personality of the other, it is very likely that there is that feeling of wanting to change it in order to have the"perfect relationship."

It must be clear that the only thing that is achieved with this type of pretensions is to create false ideas about ideal love and generate destruction, both with oneself and with the couple.

Do they feel identified? If so, It is best that they agree as soon as possible to request support Of a professional who can help them to take the best Decisions .

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