7 simple tips to keep avocados from rusting

Avocado is one of those versatile foods that we can use in many recipes to delight our palate. However, as with other foods, The avocado is a fruit that tends to oxidize quickly, Losing its fresh appearance and adopting a dark color that makes it little pleasant for its later consumption.

Most people know that to make the most of the Benefits of avocado And all its freshness, it is important to consume it completely in the shortest possible time. But, in spite of this, There are some moments when we do not completely consume all the avocado and we have a very provocative piece that would be a shame to waste. Luckily, there are several natural tricks that allow us to preserve the freshness of the avocado and its green color for a longer time, so that we can quietly reserve that piece that we had left over.

Leave the bone


The first advice to conserve avocado longer and avoid its oxidation is to leave the bone to the half avocado leftover, or rather, to use one of its halves without removing the bone to the rest. This trick is not the most recommended, since it only helps to preserve fresh the part of the avocado that is in contact with the bone . Therefore, the part that remains in contact with the air oxidizes quickly and loses its freshness. For this reason it is recommended to look for alternatives that imitate what the bone , But so that it covers the whole piece of avocado.

Method of the onion

This trick is to cut a quarter of a red onion into large pieces, which should be placed in the bottom of an airtight container. Then, place the half of the avocado that we want to keep, so that the bone is facing up. The container is sealed and stored in the refrigerator.

This tip is very useful, since the vapors emitted by the onion can help to preserve the green color and the freshness of the avocado . In addition, the only one that makes contact with the onion is the skin of the avocado, reason why the fruit will not be altered by its flavor. You can also save the onion used for other uses.

Method of olive oil


He olive oil Is a natural ingredient that does not alter the taste or smell of avocado you want to keep fresh. To take advantage of it, you simply have to grease the part of the avocado you want to keep and store it in an airtight container. The oil will prevent the fruit from coming into contact with the air and oxidizing.

Method of Lemon Juice

Another ingredient that helps preserve the freshness of avocado is lemon. We know that the lemon gives a very delicious flavor to the avocado and both complement each other very well. But, beyond this, Citric acid dramatically reduces the process of oxidation . For this you simply spray juice in the half you want to save.

Another option is to place a good slice of lemon on the avocado pulp that no longer has the bone . In both cases the ideal is to store it in an airtight container so that the avocado is kept fresh, from 2 to 4 days, at a temperature of 4 ºC.

Cold water


A very common method used in homes and restaurants is to introduce the avocado in cold water to limit its contact with oxygen. In this case only recommended when the part of the remaining avocado is to be used immediately.

Kitchen Plastic

The plastic kitchen or Film paper It is also a great help to preserve avocado leftovers longer. For that Simply cover the avocado with a good amount of the plastic and then put it in the refrigerator. However, if it turns black from one day to another, it will suffice to remove the most superficial layer to recover its green and fresh color.

Crush the avocado


If you do not want to waste any leftover avocado, a good idea to keep them longer is to prepare a delicious guacamole. To do this simply simply shred the avocado and add 1 tablespoon of lime juice to each part of the avocado used.

The acid in the juice will help prevent the fruit from changing color and oxidizing. But to be safer, pour the crushed avocado into an airtight container, cover with plastic film, and then attach the lid. The plastic and the lid prevent oxygen from reaching the surface of the avocado, avoiding its oxidation . Then you can use the crushed avocado to make a Guacamole Special, or else, include it in a salad.

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