7 things you should never do to your vagina

The vagina Is a very sensitive organ To environmental alterations and susceptible to imbalance.

Certainly you should know some of the Factors that may harm the health of this region , Such as lack of hygiene, the use of tight clothing or unprotected sex, among others.

However, there are many women who worry too much about the appearance of their genital organs and make mistakes in their care.

Therefore, today we want to review with you some of the things you should never do to your"best friend".

Wear daily protectors every day

These products were created to absorb the secretions that normally come out through the vaginal canal at the beginning and end of each menstruation. Using this kind of absorbent every day can damage the intimate health because it leaves this region hotter and moister.

The result is that Transform your southern zone into the perfect medium of bacterial culture . This favors the appearance of vaginal infections and the Vaginal discharge .

If you are a regular user of this kind of products we recommend to reduce their use or change them more frequently. The ideal is to do it every four hours.

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Try to get rid of your natural odor

Try to get rid of your natural odor

This region has a particular smell and this is completely normal. Maybe it bothers you and it seems that it smells bad but, what if you do the test and you ask your partner to see what he thinks?

The vagina is a hot, humid closed organ and produces perspiration causing A smell that is natural and totally healthy.

You only have to worry when:

  • The smell is stronger than normal
  • The smell is accompanied by itch
  • Start unloading out-of-the-ordinary

Never underestimate your smell or try to hide it.

Use anything as a lubricant

Vaseline and any other type of petroleum products can actually be a form of infection. If you want to use lubricant, you need a high quality oil with neutral pH .

It will not do you any good to use improvised products such as butters or cooking oils, because they are likely to cause burns and alter your PH natural.

Never insert foreign objects, food or any device not made for that purpose inside it.


Vaginal infection

It is understood that you want to keep your whole body clean and without bad odors, but you must keep in mind that Excess cleaning does not do anything right to your vagina .

Some women like vaginal showers to clean their intimate parts, making this totally unnecessary.

In fact, it can be quite dangerous because that Can cause a horrible imbalance of typical bacteria . Some gynecologists blame this habit for pelvic inflammation and Vaginosis Bacterial.

The best thing you can do to keep your vagina clean is to wash it with soap and water with neutral pH during your bath. Then dry with a clean cotton towel, without too much rubbing or scrubbing.

Do not expose your vagina to vapors

"Cooking"your vagina in a spa is a trend these days, and yes, that word perfectly describes what is done.

You sit in a specific type of spa without underwear, in special seats that have vapors coming out of them, emanating directly to your bottom.

With any type of warm treatment the circulation of the blood in the area improves, but Of these methods have been seen burns, irritations and, in any way, there is no scientific evidence of the effectiveness of this procedure.

In sexual relations

It's nothing new that, if you do not have a stable partner, you should, for the sake of your vagina and sexual health in general, use condoms.

In addition there are games that take place at the time of having a relationship sexual In which couples are very creative.

It is not recommended to use chocolate syrup and cream Whipped cream Or similar products, especially on the inside.

Anything that contains sugar can change the bacteria and the proportions of yeast and can cause infections. These substances can also be irritating to the vaginal skin.

If you want to incorporate games with new flavors look for products thought of it.

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Take the wrong way to go to the bathroom

Take the wrong way to go to the bathroom

It is critical for female intimate hygiene to dry out after urinating. Improper cleaning is the most common cause of Infections .

The anus, being very close to the vagina, can transport bacteria from one side to the other, settling into the vaginal mucosa that is very sensitive to contamination.

The correct way to cleanse after urinating or defecating is from the vagina to the anus, ie from front to back.

Pay special attention to the health of your vagina

The skin of the vagina is the finest and most sensitive of all the body and things that we often imagine harmless can cause a burn, irritation or infection.

There are habits that are learned from Girls And practice it for the rest of our lives. However, there are things we should never do if we want to avoid uncomfortable situations.

Putting these tips into practice You will avoid imbalances in your vaginal ecosystem To take care of your health and still feel beautiful .

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