7 tricks to eliminate the bad odor of shoes

How to get rid of the bad smell in shoes? Sometimes the inner skin of some shoes withholds sweat more intensely and it is hard to soften it. But do not worry, there are Very simple tricks That will help you. Discover them!

1. Baking soda


Infallible. In our space, we have spoken to you more than once The great benefits of baking soda For cleaning the home. This natural chemical element has The ability to absorb both stains, odors or dampness, Hence it is the most used trick to eliminate the bad smell of the shoes.

And how do we do it? Very easy, you have no more than to drop a spoonful of baking soda in each shoe, in the insoles. Scrub it well and let it work all night. You'll see how the next morning already look like others.

2. The trick of talcum powder

Ideally, you should always have a spare pair of comfortable shoes on hand and every time you have a break or rest, if circumstances allow you to make the change.

Talcum powder acts in the same way as sodium bicarbonate. They have the virtue to absorb dampness and silence with it The bad smell In this case you have two options. You can put Some talcum powder in each shoe And allow them to spend the night, and later, to remove them in the morning.

The second option is also very easy and adequate. You can apply talcum powder to the sole of your foot, thereby limiting sweating. It is very useful and effective.

3. Trick to eliminate bacteria

Lavender relax

This advice is as curious as it is effective. It would be nice if you always had some sage and lavender . They are two plants that eliminate odors very well. What we will do is put in Each shoe a few leaves of sage and a few branches of lavender. Then, leave the shoes on the balcony so that the fresh air also eliminates the bacteria. In the morning you will have your shoes more than ready.

4. Orange, lemon or grapefruit

Lemon chugy

Another very simple remedy. Never throw away the shell of Lemon or your oranges, or grapefruit . They are very practical to eliminate the bad odor of the shoes, In this case and as always, it will be appropriate to insert them in them throughout the night. It is a sure hit.

5. Tea Tree Essential Oil

Oils for hair

Within the essential oils with disinfectant properties, The tea tree is undoubtedly the most effective . You can find it in natural stores as well as perfumeries. It is not expensive, and can serve us both to eliminate the bad odor of the shoes and to elaborate practical gels for hands . Of those with which we easily disinfect our hands. What we will do is drop a few drops in the insoles of the shoes twice a week, that way we remove the smell and we eliminate bacteria. Very easy!

6. Look for the original cause of bad smell


We all know that the bad odor of shoes is due to the sweat of our feet. But sometimes, you may have noticed that there are shoes that smell more than others. Maybe it should be To templates that absorb the most sweat And that retain it, favoring also the appearance of bacteria. And it's a risk that is not worth running.

If you notice that the bad smell of the shoes does not go so easily, change the templates regularly. If you can not change the templates, apply special ones that protect you from bad smell and the bacteria . Keep in mind that bad smell in the long term can bring problems in the feet, hence it is necessary to maintain good hygiene.

7. How to maintain good hygiene in shoes

high heel shoes

  • Try not to use close shoes everyday. It is bad for the health of our feet and favors the bad smell.
  • When you get home, change shoes and let Those shoes will air.
  • It does not matter if the shoe is of good quality or average quality, they all absorb the bad odor. That is why we should Keep a good clean thereof. Brush them every day, and inside, you can use a damp cloth with the same detergent you clean your clothes with. Scrub well eliminating maces and dampness.
  • If in your case you usually suffer from excessive sweating on the sole of the foot, it would be appropriate to follow the advice that we have indicated before: Apply talcum powder . It is a simple remedy that serves us much in the day to day.
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